Saturday, August 27, 2011

Update on Miss Emma

   So it has been a crazy past couple of days.  We are now on the 8th floor which means Emma has improved from the initial journey here.  We do not know what caused her episode on Wednesday, but the doctors do think that she has had some type of infection.  Whether viral or bacterial, they are unsure.  Her x-ray, however, does look like she has or had an infection.  She has been put on a couple of antibiotics in an attempt to treat the infection(s) and improve her x-ray.  Her labs and all of her numbers continue to improve.  So now, we are in the waiting game.  We are waiting to see if these antibiotics improve her overall condition.  Also, we are waiting to see what will be the next step to get her closer to surgery.  She is still a very happy baby, smiling often and playing like normal.  She is still coughing quite a bit, but it has definitely decreased over the last 2 days.  We are definitely thankful that she is still a happy baby through all of this, which makes this whole road a lot easier.  We will continue to keep everyone updated as we find out more information.

Some specific prayer requests:
1)  Pray that Emma gets to feeling better and that her infection is healed quickly.
2)  Pray for the doctors, nursing staff, and other medical staff as they tend to Emma, that their hands and thoughts will be guided to make the right decisions.
3)  Pray for Sarah and me to have strength for the road ahead.

Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers.

As always, we are most grateful for God who continues to bless and watch over our precious little girl.

God is good, all the time.  And all the time, God is good!

Daddy Scott


  1. She looks so cute in her little helmet. Loved the picture of her sitting in your lap, Sarah. We continue to pray. Kendall and Darla

  2. Praying, oh my goodness Miss Emma just keeps on getting cuter by the day. What a sweet blessing you have. Praying for your hearts and for strength on your journey.

  3. So glad she is feeling better! Rainy(Oklahoma)

  4. God bless our sweet Little Warrior Princess...what a fighter she is, and what wonderful parents she decided to bring along with her on this fight! We love you all!

    Nana Jana, PaPa Steve, and Auntie Stacey