Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Humbling and Meaningful Experience as a Dad and an Update on Miss Emma

Hey all!  I know it has been a while since the last update and it is my turn to do it.  I am sorry for such a delay!
                Let me start off by talking about what it was like for me to be with Emma for one week by myself while Sarah was spending some girl time on a cruise ship.  It was Sarah’s idea to have me post this experience on here.  I hope I can do it justice as I type these words.  So, when Sarah headed out, I thought to myself, “Oh this will be a relaxing week with my daughter!”  Relaxing, was not the appropriate word.  I did not realize all that my beautiful wife does when it comes to our daughter!  She has a very full schedule every day.  Which for me, schedules come easy at work, but don’t always come easy at home.  So, I had to keep making myself go back to the schedule so that I didn’t miss anything.  Emma was a trooper through all of her dad’s failures that week, and gave me a smile when I needed it most.  I remember distinctly thinking within the first couple of days, “Oh its night, time to relax a little bit.”  Then it would dawn on me, “Oh man, I still have to do laundry, the dishes, pick up the mess upstairs, etc.”  It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.  I often try to help Sarah with all of the chores and everything, but never have I realized her long it takes to do all of that on your own. As you might be wondering out there, I was gaining more of an appreciation every day for you stay at home moms!  You truly have one of the toughest jobs on Earth and I commend my wife, and all of you, for everything yall do every day!  About midweek though, I started to get in some sort of an “organized” groove.  But, when our nurse would come to watch Emma, I immediately needed to either get caught up on something I had forgotten, or escape for a Dr. Pepper (sanity break)!  Despite all of the things that I had to learn, I also was so blessed that week.  My daughter was getting to spend a lot of one on one daddy time!  She was getting to laugh with me, throw fits with me, enjoy life with me.  Something I don’t always get enough quality time to do.  And as the week went on, though I was frustrated at times and though she was frustrated at me at times, we still had so many amazing moments as Daddy and daughter.  It was truly a blessing, an eye opener, and a way to truly humble oneself.  When Sarah got back, I was not sure if I wanted to give that time up.  Even though I was so glad to see her, to have her also share in responsibilities again, I also realized that her being back signified the end of my being THE DADDY.  Meant I had to again share those laughs, those tears, those precious moments.  But, I also knew that with her back meant we were a complete family again and who better to share everything with than her.    
                To my wife, I hope you realize after reading this that I gained an appreciation unlike ever before for all that you do for Emma and our family.  I will strive to not take that for granted.  Strive to make sure you realize how truly blessed I am to have you.  To my daughter, Emma, I want you to know how truly blessed I am to have such a sweet daughter.  One that loves life, and loves those around her.  One that radiates her blessed life to everyone who comes to know her, and those that don’t.  Thank you for being patient with me during that week, and for loving me through my failures.  To other dads/husbands out there, learn from me and do not take your wife for granted.  Your wife, like mine, is truly a blessing to you, a helpmate, a friend.  Treat her as such!  I hope that you hold me to the same standard that I have challenged you with.  To other moms/stay at home moms, you all amaze me.  Having to walk one week in your shoes might have been one of the most humbling and meaningful experiences I have had in a long time.  

Now, to an update on miss Emma.

-Update on Emma-
                First off, Emma has a nasty cold that just keeps continuing to give her a hard time.  Her sats and overall energy level are good.  However, you can tell it is no fun for her to be all snotty and congested all the time.  We are both praying that she gets over that as quickly as possible.  However, tis the time of year for this crud, so keep her in your prayers that she can get over this cold as soon as possible!
                Second, Emma is doing great in therapies.  She is learning more things it seems every day.  Also, trying more new things which is great!  She has been learning more signs such as daddy, mommy, grandpa (which is hitting the side of her head, not exactly the right sign but it is her sign for grandpa!), etc.   Doing great with that area!!!  She got a new crawler.  This is a piece of medical equipment that will help her with motions of crawling and provide overall strength training for arms and legs.  She is putting more weight through her legs.  This also means she needs less and less help with things like sitting to standing.  She still needs assistance while standing, but putting more weight through her legs means less assistance, which is a victory for her!  She is stacking blocks, stringing beads, following better directions, recognizing flash cards, picking correct flash cards when asked, etc.  She is also doing great in her wheelchair.  She is moving herself all around the downstairs and outside as well!  She seems to enjoy it so much now!  She is also grabbing real silverware (spoon, fork, etc.) and mimicking us eating!  She is mimicking the motions of brushing teeth, combing hair, etc. 
All in all, she is just amazing us with all she is learning and wanting to do!  She never ceases to amaze us with how happy she is every day.  Each day we realize how much she is blessed and how much she is a blessing in our lives.  Thank you all for the support you have shown and continue to show our family through all the thoughts and prayers!  May God bless each of you as he has blessed us!
God is good, all the time.  And all the time, God is good!

Daddy Scott