Saturday, June 17, 2017

Quick Recap

I know...I know....I've been a huge slacker on the blog.  I would try to come up with some sort of witty excuse, but let's be real, life has just been busy.  So, let's do a quick recap of the last few months.  

January and February were relatively quiet months for our family.  The biggest thing we dealt with was reoccurring pink eye.  We enjoyed time at home doing the regular day-to-day activities.  We had our family pictures taken as well.

March brought about a fun field trip for Miss Emma.  When her cousins were on spring break, Gramma took all of us to Fossil Rim to see the animals.  We got there bright and early in the morning when all of the animals were hungry.  We all enjoyed the little trip and Emma really liked seeing the animals up close.

April was a more difficult month for Emma.  She woke up one morning with a diaper full of blood.  😬.  That landed us an automatic admission into hotel Children's.  She was diagnosed with c-diff and was in the hospital through Easter.  We made the most of our admission and even fit an egg hunt on Easter.  April also was full of fun hospital events.  The annual Heart Center picnic was at the first of April and CMC's Red Balloon Run and Ride was at the end of April.  Emma met a big milestone and walked with her walker in the fun run.  We were all so very proud of her.

May was another interesting medical for month for Emma.  We had several issues with her Picc line.  Her Picc line that was a year and a half ind cracked, so we had to get it replaced.  The replacement failed and we had to get it replaced again.  Quite the roller coaster ride for a few weeks.  Emma also had an issue with hypernatremia that landed us in the hospital for a weekend.  We did get to do a few fun things including a trip to see Lion King the musical and family time in Ada

June has started with a bang.  Due to the regionalization of healthcare in Texas we are having to move into another county.  We put our house for sale a couple of weeks ago. It is under contract and we are under contract on a house in Collin County.  During the house showing process, we made lots of trips to Sonic while people are looking at our house.  Emma loved getting to feed Max French fries. Needless to say, the next couple of months are going to be busy.  We are excited about our next adventures.  

Thank you for hanging in through this long overdue update.  We continue to press forward with Emma's healthcare.  We monitor her heart failure and make regular adjustments to several medications.  She is a trooper through it all and keeps us on our toes.  

God is good!  All the time!  God is good! L 

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