Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Perfect Timing

Some of you have seen that Emma has been suffering from some sort of respiratory illness for almost two weeks now.  We thought she was just having seasonal allergies, but that slowly turned into an asthma flare which in turn settled into her lungs and has caused a persistent cough and runny nose.  We are so glad that she has not run a fever and that the blood work and swabs are showing no major infection; however, this respiratory illness (whatever it is) has caused Emma to have many sleepless nights, a sore throat (which has led to her refusing to eat), and overall feeling crummy and tired.  We hoped that this illness would dissipate quickly so we would not have to postpone her heart cath/eye surgery; however, that did not happen so we have officially postponed her April procedures. 

Perfect timing....I was hoping and praying that April 22nd was the perfect timing for Emma.  I was praying for a smooth and successful cath/eye surgery that would lead to a future plan for Emma's cardiac care.  However, that is not what is going to happen.  I will admit that I was VERY disappointed.  I have been anxiously awaiting April 22nd.  I have been mentally preparing myself for what was going to happen, but now the waiting game begins again.  My wonderful husband has reminded me that we MUST trust in God's timing for our sweet Emma.  He is in FULL control and has a plan for Emma.  I am trusting in His timing for this procedure whenever that may be, so we move forward and wait.  We are trying to coordinate the eye surgery/ heart cath for sometime mid May.  We are praying for God's perfect timing for these procedures and for Emma's health as we wait. 

In the meantime, we are continuing to work her in therapies and enjoying the new things she learns everyday.  We recently attended the 2nd annual Hearts and Heroes picnic.  Emma only came for a very short amount of time due to her not feeling well, but we enjoyed catching up with the Heart Center staff and fellow heart hero families.

Hearts Heroes 

Emma's Mommy working the MLH Dallas table

Part of our MLH Dallas Booth at the Picnic

Some of the Amazing Heart Center Staff

Emma at the Hearts and Heroes Picnic

These two precious CVICU nurses are near and dear to our hearts

Emma is loving cold dessert treats including chocolate ice cream
Yummy mango Popsicle 

Playing with her silly puppy Max

One more reminder: The CMC Red Balloon Run and Ride is April 26th in Plano Texas.  We would love for Emma's supporters to come to the event and walk, run, or ride for Emma and her buddies.  The cool thing is that if you cannot attend in person, you can be a part of the virtual team.  Please support any way you can.  Sign up under the Hearts of Fire team. 

Thank you for your continued prayers as we work hard to get Emma feeling better, eating again, and ready for her cath/eye surgery in the near future.

God is Good!  All the Time!  God is Good!  WE TRUST IN HIS PERFECT TIMING!