Monday, November 1, 2010

Everyday is a New Day

Each day I am reminded how everyday is a new day.  Some days are great and some days are not so much.  Some days are great initially and then turn out being just okay days.  Yesterday was one of those.  Emma did fantastic in the morning into night but then she got mad and things changed.  To bring everyone up to where we are, on Sunday it was decided that Emma had a lot of fluid in her chest.  They had tried using medications called diuretics to drain this excess fluid but were unsuccessful.  So, they decided to put what they call a "pig tail" in which is a chest drain.  The doctors thought she would have to have two, but when they placed just one in, they were able to drain 90cc's of fluid initially and she drained throughout the day 75cc's more.  That is a lot of fluid in her chest and now her x-ray looks amazingly better.  Let's just say she was a different baby after this took place.  She was happy again and didn't appear to get as upset as she had been getting the past couple of days.  This was a nice gift to have on my birthday as I was able to touch her, kiss her, sing to her, and talk with her without any problems!  I loved every second of it!  Last night, however, when they decided to bathe, do respiratory therapy, change out leads, pulse ox, diaper, etc. on her it was a little too much stimulation.  She went into off and on atrial flutter.  It lasted for about 1 hour and was not fun to watch her go through.  After they checked her electrolytes and gave her some magnesium and potassium, her heart rhythm evened back out.  They think though that it was a little too much stimulation.  Stimulation causes her body to release a substance that they think may cause these arrhythmias to occur.  We asked them about it today and they said that it was okay as long as these periods of atrial flutter were not continuous...  Still we voiced our concern about needing to make sure we get this under control since this is the longest period she has had atrial flutter in a while. 
Today, she is in line to get her femoral line replaced with a broviac line.  Her femoral line that they put in a little while back has started to close off and quit functioning as well.  This means she needs a more permanent line that is functional for them to infuse her medications through.  So, they are going to take her, as of right now, in just a little while at 10am to put this line in.  Please keep her in your prayers as she will go to the operating room for this procedure. 
We are praying that today will be a smooth day and that she will be more relaxed. 

Some specific prayer requests:
1)  Pray for this procedure she is having today to be a success with no complications.
2)  Pray for her to not put out any extra fluid in her chest.
3)  Pray for her lungs to continue to function like they should and continue to improve.
4)  Pray for her heart to continue to function properly as it is now.
5)  Pray for these arrhythmias she is having that they subside.
6)  Pray for the doctors, nurses, and the rest of the medical staff that take care of Emma each day.  Pray that God will guide their hands to provide her with the best care possible.
7)  Pray for Sarah and I to have strength through all of this journey.

God is good! 

-Daddy Scott


  1. Praying for all you have ask us to pray for. Praying extra strength and for God to do things you haven't ask for too! Praying for renewed strength each day.

  2. loving the tutu! Praying always for you three!

  3. We continue to check the update daily, and we pray often. Love to all of you, Kendall and Darla


    Two days ago, I finally got to touch
    your little leg for the very first time,
    tiny granddaughter of mine.

    Oh, Emma, I hope that when I touched you,
    You realized that you touched your Nana too,
    in a place buried deep inside my heart,
    A place where nothing
    can ever erode the memory.

    You filled my heart as I wish that I
    could fill yours, making it whole! But,
    Little granddaughter, do you realize how
    MANY hearts YOU have filled?

    How many people you have touched,
    Reminding them that God is near
    and that He hears our prayers!
    More people in your four short weeks
    than most of us will touch in one lifetime!

    Precious baby, you are
    God's messenger here on earth
    making us remember what HOPE is.
    Emma, please stay, we need you so!

    Stay 'til your Nana Jana is just a
    memory here, 'til she has gone home
    to God and can wait for you there.

    Stay, and continue to flame a bright
    Candle from which others can
    Kindle their own lights!

    Love is too small a word for how your
    Nana feels, but let it suffice, for now,
    Until one day God gives us words
    with depth beyond measure,
    Words that will be able to say
    just how deeply we feel!

    Ever and for always, Emma Janae, may
    God bless and keep you as His
    angels hover near, filling your room
    at Dallas Children's today with Comfort,
    with Peace, with Hope for a lifetime.

    Feel his love, and know He is there,
    Sweet Emma, everywhere!

    --from Nana to her first grandchild
    on Emma's one-month birthday

  5. I was very glad to be able to spend the day with all of you and celebrating Scotty's birthday!!! Hopefully Uncle Caleb and I didn't stimulate her too much. :) I was very proud of her for the day she had yesterday!!! I hope she continues to have great days AND starts having great nights as well!!! We need little "Punkin Head" to get better soon and move to the 8th floor!!! :) Love all of you and very proud of all that you have done and are doing!!!!
    Aunt Randi

  6. Dear Scott and Sarah, I come to this site almost every day to read Emma progress and daily struggles. I rejoice and cry with you, and pray daily for the 3 of you. I so admire your strainght, corage, and patience you have. You have truly learned right away what it really means to love your child, and this will make you such good parents! Once you bring her finally home, little everyday struggles will be of no concern with you: you will see the big picture, and enjoy her so much more. I, like many others, cannot wait to see you out of the hospital, home with Emma, in person, and Hugh you and thank you for being so strong. Keep the faith, watch her closely. May God keep you and give you peace. She's in our prayers every day.
    Love in Christ,
    A sister from North Mac c of C.

  7. Well Sarah, hope you plan to do some "scrapbooking" in the future. You have some wonderful pictures to fill it with. The bow and tutu are absolutely precious. We pray for good days ahead for this little sweetheart.

  8. God speed. We are praying for your family regularly. We are sorry it's so hard but joy comes each day with life. With deep love, The Hannas, The Bahamas