Monday, December 6, 2010

The Cath

The Cath went well.  Emma only went into A-Tach once and they were able to pull her out of it.  To give a little clarification, her heart looks good for this stage of her recovery. The right pulmonary veins are pumping more blood than the left but receiving less oxygen due (probably) to the drainage/wetness of her right side. Also, the left side had a little narrowing that they tried to fix with a balloon but it needed a stint, but Dr. Forbess wants to wait until the Glenn to fix it since it is really not causing any issues.  The drs. tell us that this was to be somewhat expected due to the restricted atrial septum in utero.  However, her heart is NOT in failure and now we just need Emma to gain weight, get stronger, and lungs to heal up.....the answer right now is TIME!  Thank you all for your prayers.  Keep praying, as this journey is not over yet.


  1. So glad things went well today with Emma. Emma is still on "Emma time". We all pray that this little "munchkin" gains some weight. Prayers are still coming!!!

  2. Great news! I know you would like to see Emma making more visible progress, but, as you said, it's just going to take more time. Praise the Lord the report is that her heart is doing well!
    I continue to pray for her and for you guys. I anxiously await the time when I check in and find an update that says the vent is out and she is doing wonderfully on her own. That day will come. God is GOOD!

  3. Still praying for baby Emma and y'all daily in Cookeville, TN! God is Good! Michelle

  4. I am praying for your sweet baby and for you both. I know waiting is so hard.
    Kerith Leffler

  5. And so, our little "Warrior Princess" battles on!

    We are so proud to know that her heart reconstruction is working as it should so far, and even though we understand that Emma faces two more big surgeries (one in a few months and the other when she's a toddler), we rejoice that her heart looked good in the cath procedure today (and that her surgeon believes the slight narrowing can be corrected later on if necessary).

    We are amazed at Emma's ability to find against such fearsome foes and continue to make progress. And we are amazed at how the two of you, Scott and Sarah, are holding up after months of sleeping on that hospital couch, and living there at the hospital and at the Ronald McDonald House!

    At times, the path Emma must travel seems steep and the journey really slow to all of us, but that's when we have to remind ourselves that Emma was born with HLHS, or "half a heart," and also a restricted atrial septum (a hole that should have been open, but was almost closed)!

    Emma's family members continue to maintain our "Hope for Emma's Heart," and we thank all the thousands of people (isn't that amazing?!) who continue to whisper her name, and her parents' names, to our Heavenly Father daily.

    He hears.

    Praise His name for what He has done, and continues to do, for our little Princess.

    We love you, precious granddaughter. What a wonderful baby you are, and what great parents God has given to you! May you always know how much love surrounds you, and how many prayer warriors stand with their little Warrior Princess. Keep up the good fight!

    Special love from PaPa Steve and Nana Jana Stewart

  6. Sarah and Scott - Please know you and Emma are in our prayers constantly. Put your hands on each shoulder and give yourself a hug for us. Love you much. Pat Singleton

  7. I am so happy to read that the cath went well. You all remain in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. sarah, thanks for allowing us to be on this journey w/you all. have never really felt the need to ask God to heal anyone - have always asked for peace and his will. but emma has a special place and purpose in this world i know - a larger calling than we prayer life alone has changed because of emma. thank you...