Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl


Scott and I had the wonderful opportunity to go to the Super Bowl!  The Mini Cooper Corporation arranged an entire weekend of fun activities for us including, a hotel stay, tickets to the NFL experience, meeting some retired football players (Roy Glover, Lynn Swan, and Ed "Too Tall" Jones), a tailgate party, and THE SUPER BOWL!  Scott and I had a great weekend and Emma enjoyed some Gramma and Grampa time!  They stayed overnight at the hospital with Miss Priss so Scott and I could have a "date weekend!"  We had a WONDERFUL time and are so appreciative to Mini Cooper for their hospitality.  By the way, one of Emma's favorite nurses is from Wisconsin and is a Packer fan and bought Emma and her doll a Cheesehead! So of course, we rooted for the Packers!  I guess Emma brought them luck!

Enjoy a few pics from the weekend:
Before the BIG GAME!

The Cheeseheads!  (notice the bow)
NFL experience!

All of the former Super Bowl rings!

NFL experience

In front of Cowboys Stadium 
Our Seats!

Introducing the Teams!

Lea Michele
Black Eyed Peas

Go Pack Go!

Please continue to pray for Emma as she is undergoing sprint trials on the vent to possibly try extubation this week!  Also, the doctors will be reevaluating Emma this week to make sure we are going on the right track!



  1. How wonderful that you all got to get away for a "weekend date". Our prayers continue. Love, Kendall and Darla

  2. Wow, what great pics - and what an amazing experience for you guys! Love the bow on the cheese head! :-)

  3. So proud that you two had a special weekend after so many long months in the hospital, night after night. The Mini Cooper organization was so generous to contribute to hospitalized families in that way, and it's great to see how much fun you had and how happy your faces are!

    Emma looks precious! She's getting to be a really big girl now that she is four months old! It's great to see her sitting up with help, though one photo seems to indicate she was not too wild at that perspective of the world! Nevertheless, she and her little doll make cute mini-Cheeseheads! Tell her to "study up for all those tests" this week, and we will pray about the outcomes of her tests and re-evals, as well as the possible vent removal.

    As always, Nana Jana, PaPa Steve, and Aunt Stacey will be praying for the three of you every day...sometimes many times a day! We love you all so much and miss you too!

  4. That is so enlightening to see you both having so much fun! Glad to get an update on Emma and great to see these adorable pictures you continue to post.I have been following since her birth and you all have come a long way.

    I will continue to pray and take guidance from your faith in our Lord. I have never seen a fatih so strong as yours and your family.

    Thank you for showing me and the others who follow your family's progress that as long as you believe and leave it in God's hands, you will be taken care of no matter what is at play.

    God Bless you and yours!

    Anonymously Touched...

  5. Congrsts on your weekend! Love the pics! Happy 4 month bday! We offer up many prayers daily!

  6. How wonderful that you were able to have a little time away to relax and have a good time.
    I continue to pray for sweet Emma.

    Joy/Chandler, OK

  7. Hehe...Emma's the cutest little cheese head ever! She's getting so chubby too :) Glad y'all got to enjoy a date night. We're continuing our prayers.

  8. I am so happy to see that you both had a weekend to spend with each other. God is so Good! Emma looks precious as always. I continue to pray for her. Nothing is impossible for Him.

    Love and prayers