Saturday, May 21, 2011

An Update on Miss Emma and Future Events

Well hello to everyone!  Just wanted to give a quick update on how Emma is doing and also on some soon to be events in the near future.  Emma is doing amazingly well at home!  This week, Sarah and I took a vacation/work related conference to Las Vegas and Gramma (Sharon) watched after her.  It was very hard leaving her but was good for us.  A special thanks to her and all those that came down to be with them and help take care of Emma.  She did well the days we were gone and greeted us the night we got in with snores as she slept soundly.  The next day, however, was full of smiles as she saw that we were back home.  I got to watch her yesterday while Sarah went to something she had planned, and let me just say, I think that Gramma may have done a little spoiling while we were gone!  ;-)  She is still developing that little personality of hers.  As I was watching her, I turned around for about 5 seconds, and when I had looked back, there she was, with NG tube in hand.  She had decided to completely remove it!  And as I said, "Emma, well now why did you pull that out," she just looked at me and smiled.  Ornery little thing :-)

Well we are about to head in tomorrow to the hospital as we prepare for our cath procedure on Friday.  You may be thinking, "Well why in the world do they need to go in Sunday if the procedure is Friday."  It is only because she is on a medication that they are wanting to ween off before the cath.  This way, it will not make the cath procedure have false reading.  So we go in tomorrow sometime and get settled in for a week (or more) back in the hospital.  Please pray that her cath procedure goes very well on Friday and that we will have some sort of clearer direction for Emma's future plans.

I would like to extend a continued thank you to all of you that continue to pray for Emma and us!  As you can see, those prayers are working!

God is good, all the time.  And all the time, God is good!

Specific Prayer Requests:
1)  Pray for Emma's upcoming cath procedure on Friday.
2)  Pray that the doctors will know which way to go that will be best for Emma.
3)  Pray for all the medical staff that will be taking care of Emma this week.
4)  Continue to keep Sarah and me and our families in your prayers.

Be sure to check out the latest youtube video if I can get it loaded!

Daddy Scott


  1. will be praying especially this week for Emma and her procedure. Will also pray for mom and dad for peace and encouragement. So glad for good days that you had out of hospital.

  2. Prayers continue for Emma, mom & dad.
    Thanks for the update.

    Joy/Chandler, OK

  3. Covering all of you in prayer and for the Lord to give direction to the doctors and all involved with Miss Emma.

  4. Scott and Sarah, So glad you got away for awhile. Thanks so much for the update and the darling video. Your sweet, beautiful Emma is so precious and is growing, growing, growing. We will keep her and all of you in our prayers. You mentioned that grandma might have done some spoiling. Well....we as grandma's have our rights!!! GO GRANDMA!!! Love to you. Kendall and Darla

  5. Thinking of Miss Emma this morning & praying that her heart cath goes smooth & that you get some good news from the results, whichever path that may be! Love & blessings from Janette ((Mason's Mommy))