Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Road Ahead

Hello to all.  It seems like months since I have been on here and updated this blog.  So, let me see if I can loosen up my "hinges" posting and give ya'll an update on my precious little princess and the road ahead.  First, let me just ask for all of your help in praying for Emma's next surgery that is on the 22nd.  Pray that it is a success, pray that the doctor's hands be guided by God, and pray that her recovery is quick!  Second, let me ask for all of your help again.  As you know, Emma is getting very close to her next surgery, and so, as many of you might have seen on Facebook, Sarah and I are asking that there be no visitors from now until her surgery.  There may be some that were planning on seeing her, but with her going into surgery, she needs to be as healthy as possible.  So, if you could all please honor that request, it would be much appreciated. 
  Now to an update on Miss Emma.  She is doing so good!  As many of you might have seen from the pictures and videos that we post, she is getting so strong, and is progressing so well with her therapies.  She never ceases to amaze us!  Now, as many would imagine, there are days where her stubborn side comes out and she just resists us working with her (don't know who she gets that from :-P ), but all in all, she is doing so good with all her work that she has to do.  What is so hard for us, is seeing how great she is doing and remembering that we have to take her in to surgery in a week!  What we constantly remind ourselves is that this will be so good for her.  It will open up many doors to her future if it goes well.  So we are constantly in prayer that all will go well and she will be back to her normal smiling and laughing self as soon as possible after the surgery. 

  As some may know, we had a short trip to the hospital yesterday through this morning.  Emma was just not acting like herself yesterday.  She had not slept well the night before and was coughing and gagging a little bit more than normal.  So Sarah and I made an executive decision, called Childrens, and got her admitted to the 8th floor.  When we got there, we were greeted by great people who make our experience there the best it can be every time we go!  A special thank you to all the staff on the 8th floor for always being there for us and always being so kind to us!  So, once we got settled in, they decided to run some lab tests on her and see if she might be a little sick.  They ran some blood and did a urine culture.  We found out that nothing was growing back on any of them (that means no bacteria was showing up in those samples).  After she got a great nights rest last night and woke up more like her normal self today, and with the information above coupled with the fact that she was not symptomatic for an infection, they decided to send us home this morning!  They want to get you in and out as fast as possible as a lengthy stay increases infection risk.  Praise God that she did not have any bad infection!  So, we are back at home now and she is as happy as ever! :)

   So this week is pretty status quo.  We are just going to be working with her in therapies this week and enjoying every second we have with her.  We will have to go in Friday and get the whole work up before her surgery next week.  Probably on Sunday, we will be admitted to get her in the best state possible to go in for surgery.  Still haven't heard officially though whether or not we will have to go in Sunday or Monday. 

  As always, we are so thankful for all the thoughts and prayers as we get ready for the road ahead.  We will, just as we did in her first surgery, only be updating everyone through the blog.  So if anyone has questions about her progress, be sure to direct them to the blog on that day as we will not be answering phone calls or texts that day so we can focus fully on our Precious Princess.   

  For all those prayer warriors, here are some things you can pray for:
1)  Pray Emma's surgery is a success!
2)  Pray for the doctors and medical staff.
3)  Pray that Emma's recovery is quick!
4)  Pray for Sarah and me as this is a very scary and unsure time.
5)  Pray that Emma will remain infection free and go into her surgery in the best state possible.


  1. So glad everything is okay! Tell little Emma to work hard this week and we will be keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers!
    Love, Darla

  2. Thanks for updating. Praying for Emma to stay infection free and ready to face her next hurdle in this journey. Praying for the medical team to have knowledge and wisdom to perform Emma's surgery and care for her EXACTLY according to God's plan. Praying for Scott and Sarah to have peace and comfort knowing God is in control.

    Joy/Chandler, OK

  3. To Nana Jana's Beloved Granddaughter...

    Sweet Little Emma Janae, you have taught us of...

    E ndurance, hanging in there when your body tires;
    M otivation, smiling even when you work for hours;
    M aturity, for you're wise beyond your years, and
    A mazement, at how you smile through tears. So...

    J ust as He has blessed you, may God bless you still,
    A nd always may His love you feel; through
    N ighttime, may He ease your pain;
    A nd come morning, may He yet remain
    E ver with you; in Jesus' name, Amen.

  4. Thoughts and Prayers from Wisconsin. You know who we are!!!!

  5. Keeping the prayers going for you and little Emma...will pray for the surgery, doctors and all that will go on. Praying for you to have peace and strength.

  6. Scott & Sarah,
    When I heard of Emma's story on the local news back in March, I sent the information of your story to the lead singer of the Christian band, Sanctus Real (Matt Hammitt). Matt's son, Bowen, I believed was going through the same situation as your baby fact, I was thinking that Emma & Bowen are only a month apart in age. Anyway, I received an email this morning from Mrs. Hammitt and they have a friend who helps them answer the emails that flood through their website, Bowen's Heart. This friend of theirs gave me his contact information and asked me to pass it along to you. If you have any questions, prayer requests or would just like to have another partner in prayer for little Emma, then I would be happy to forward his contact information along to you. I couldn't find your email address on here, so if you could email me at, I'll forward you the information. I've sent in a lot of stories to various celebrities about my friend's child who is from Ardmore, OK and never received a when I received this email, I was elated! Also, I will ask my church to pray for Miss Emma too!

    Kari Sanchez
    Ardmore, OK