Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sassy Pants

Sorry for the delay...Emma is keeping me quite busy these days!

First of all, I am going to give everyone a quick overview of the last week:

1.     Emma’s fevers did not get better, which resulted in respiratory distress and ended in a move to the CVICU and intubation.
2.     Emma was very dry so she could not receive diuretics she needed volume and blood, which caused her to accumulate fluid in the chest cavity.
3.     All tests (viral and bacterial) came back negative: FRUSTRATING
4.     Dr. Forbess put in a chest tube.
5.     We weaned off of the vent and switched to 20 LPM of Vapatherm.
6.     We have slowly weaned down on the Vapatherm and are now at 5 LPM.
7.     We are still in the CVICU with a chest tube in place.

The above list is one story our little Emma seems to tell a lot.  I cannot tell the times I have predicted the above events occurring because it seems to be Emma’s recurring problem.  Pleural effusions + lymphatic damage = recurring issues with diuretics (too wet or too dry), multiple chest tubes, and respiratory problems.  In all reality, these issues are what have kept us here in the hospital since her Glenn procedure. 

However, Emma is a happy baby (for the most part) and is changing and growing more and more every day.  We are having the best time with Emma and truly enjoy watching her meet new milestones.  We are so glad to have her feeling better again and filling our days with many smiles and laughs.  Emma is also vocalizing more and LOVES to talk to her daddy on the phone. Emma is also getting very good at throwing "fits" to get her way.  And, it is like she knows that it will make her monitors alarm which will bring in a crowd of people.  Hence her new nickname: Sassy Pants.  As soon as we do what she wants she gives us this ornery smile.....oh boy are Scott and I in trouble :)

As we near Christmas and think about the possibility of spending another holiday in the hospital, we truly are just thrilled that Emma is here and happy.  Christmas is about spending time with those you love and whether that is in the hospital or at home, we are blessed to be spending it together. 

We hope and pray that as the holiday season approaches, you truly reflect on the love of family and NOT on the material gifts that the season also brings.    

God is Good!  All the Time!  God is Good! 

Until Next Time …..

I didn't do it...I promise ;)

Gramma and Emma played so hard they passed out!

She makes my heart whole!


  1. Awwww, so precious! That bow is hilarious and cute - Emma is so PRETTY!!! <3

  2. Sweetest thing ever! Getting so good with those tummy muscles! I can't wait to see all that sassiness! Love you and hope to see you soon!
    Hugs & kisses,

  3. What a Beautiful Baby. She is in my heart an Prayer with her Mommy and Daddy. Big Heart Hugs

  4. LOVE that last picture! So happy Emma is feeling better. Prayers continue for your family.

    Wishing you a very, merry CHRISTmas! Praying that the new year will bring continued improvements for Miss Emma.

    Joy/Chandler, OK

  5. keeping the prayers going for Emma and family.

  6. Praying for baby Emma, have a wonderful day! Hoping you can be home for the Holidays.

    The Wilson's
    Pearl, Mississippi

  7. Praying for you and your family

  8. Thanks for updating us on Emma. I think of her often.