Friday, January 27, 2012

A Small Bump in the Road

Let me begin by saying that we are LOVING having Emma home.  She is truly growing and developing every day.  She seems to be getting stronger and is wanting to put some weight on her legs finally.

We see the cardiologist once a week to track Emma's labs and x-rays.  We are trying to get Emma on a lower diuretic regimen, so we can lower her supplemental potassium and calcium.  She has been tolerating these weans and her x-ray has actually continued to look good.  Since her x-ray has looked good, we having been working her oxygen down.  She can even be OFF oxygen for periods of time!  YAY EMMA!

So for the not so good news...

At today's cardiologist appointment, Emma's heart echo showed a minimal decrease in RV (right ventricular)  function.  Emma's cardiologist was not too concerned since the rest of the echo looked fine, Emma looks so good, and her x-ray is looking good.  He is starting her on some Enalepril to hopefully help with her higher blood pressure (which had not been high) which should help with the after load of her heart.

In saying all of this, the echo today is one "snapshot" of her heart, so we will be getting another echo in a couple of weeks to look at her heart again.  Obviously, we would like to see her heart function return to its baseline.

We ask for your prayers.  Please pray that Emma's heart function will return to normal and that this is one "bump" that we do not have to "go over" again.

God is Good!  All the Time!

Please also remember Emma's heart buddies in your prayers.  We have several little friends who are having a tough time right now.


  1. So thankful Emma is home...praying for this bump to smooth out and for her to have good test results from here on out...praying she stays infection free. Praying for mom and dad too!

  2. For starters, please watch for redness and swelling in her face after starting the Enalepril. Simon had to be on a blood pressure medicine for the same reason around 6 months of age and he ended up with facial swelling that left him looking like a cherry. It was an odd reaction according to docs but can lead to swelling of the airways so it needs to be caught quick. He was put on Losartan after that incident and it had a much more effective result.
    Simon has now formed a moderate disfunction with his right ventricle and some of the cardiologists who are on his team have little optimism for him being a good Fontan candidate. However, God is much greater than these few negative doctors so I am holding strong in that belief and the positive outlook I continue to receive from his main cardiologist...God is GOOD!

  3. We are praying!!! Kendall and Darla