Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What a HOPPY Easter!

Drum roll please……

This Easter 2012 we got spend all of the WONDERFUL weekend in OKLAHOMA!  The doctor’s approved Emma to travel to Oklahoma.  We loaded up the car and Emma on Saturday and made our way to Oklahoma.  Emma was so excited about the car ride that she stayed awake the entire trip.  We made one stop at the Oklahoma/Texas border and took a picture ok Emma in front of the “Welcome to Oklahoma” sign. 

We arrived at Emma’s Gramma and Grampa’s (my mom and dad’s) house and were welcomed by a welcome sign and family.  Emma was very tired from her drive and lack of nap, so Grampa walked her around until she went to sleep.  While Emma slept, Scott and I enjoyed catching up with Randi, Caleb, Coen, Mom, and Dad.  We also prepared a BIG birthday dinner and celebrated mom’s birthday together that evening.

We attempted to dye Easter eggs on Saturday night, Emma dumped the cup of red dye all over herself and that made her quite upset; however, she did 'color' on one egg before being done with this Easter tradition.  She was either so excited about the Easter bunny, or unsure of her new surroundings but Emma did not sleep well Saturday night.

She awoke Sunday morning (slightly cranky from the lack of sleep), but quickly cheered up when she got to see the fun items in her Easter baskets.  The rest of the family headed to church while I stayed back with Miss Priss.  We cannot get her around huge crowds just yet, but it gave Emma and I some one-on-one time.  She was very happy and let me take some cute pictures of her with her Easter dress and basket.  

We met the rest of the family at the Vass Home for lunch and an egg hunt.

Headed to Oklahoma

Made it to the State Line!


Good Traveler

Coen fishing with Grampa!

Scott decorating Mom's birthday cake....I am so blessed to have a man who can cook!

Sweet Smile!

Getting kisses from Coen.

Coen thought her walker was fun!

Uncle Caleb entertaining Emma!

Decorating Easter eggs.

Emma has done decorating!

Caleb and Randi's creations.

Emma and Coen's creations prior to being done with decorating!

Emma's eggs.

Grampa has his hands full!

Lovin' on Aunt Randi!

The Easter bunny came!

Emma excited over her presents.

Looking pretty!

So Cute! 
Look what I found Mom!

Love my life!

Easter Family Pic!

On our way home we spotted a rainbow! 

Getting an Easter egg from Nana

Side Note:  Emma's last cardio appointment went well.  We are currently trying to take Emma off of her fat free formula (Tolerex) to a more complete formula (Neocate Jr).  We could use your prayers for Emma.  Our hope is that her body will cope well with this new formula and Emma has not fluid build up in her chest cavity.

God is Good!  All the Time!  God is Good!


  1. What an awesome Easter! I'm so glad you finally got to bring her to Ada! Keeping you all in prayer!

  2. Emma is getting so big! She's a beautiful little girl and I'm so glad to hear that she was able to come home for Easter. I know that must have been so great for everyone!!!

  3. Great pics; would love to see Grandad Steve, Grandma Jana & Aunt Stacy in pics. Cousin from other side of family. Thanks

  4. Emma, you look "egg-stra" pretty in your Easter outfit with your basket filled with eggs, toys, and books! How special you are, Sweet Granddaughter. Nana cannot believe you are already 1 and 1/2 years old! We thank God for every day of your precious life!
    Nana Jana Loves You To The Moon And Back...
    And To Infinity and Beyond!
    Hugs from...
    Nana Jana (and from the Easter Bunny, too!)

  5. It has been some time since I have been on and I am getting caught up on Miss Emma! It sure sounds like you guys had a wonderful Easter here in Oklahoma! :) So glad to see! Hugs from a fellow Oklahoman!