Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Doctor's Day

Happy Doctor’s Day!

We have been very blessed with the medical staff that has been a part of Emma’s journey.  Once we established (to the doctors) that Emma was worth fighting for, we found a team that agreed to help us in that fight.  I seriously doubt that any of her doctors read Emma’s blog; however, I will briefly write a small synopsis of what each of the “main players” mean to us.  If they read it, I hope they see how much of a difference they have made in Emma’s life.  If not, please read of the selflessness these doctors show on a daily basis.    

Dr. Forbess: 

Oh Dr. Forbess, words cannot truly explain how much trust we have in you.  I know how unique Emma’s case has been, and I know that she has presented her fair share of challenges, and yet each time you have taken her into surgery, you carefully/skillfully cut open our precious daughter’s chest and work tirelessly to try to take an imperfect heart and make it work perfectly for our little Princess.  We appreciate how passionate and methodical you are before, during, and after surgery.   We have enjoyed getting to watch you perform your art like only a skillful artist can.  Also, thank you for expressing your appreciation for the work our MLH of Dallas group is doing.  It means a lot that the Chief of Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery notices and is grateful for what we are doing for the families at CMC.   

Dr. Matthew Lemler:

You were one of the first doctors we met at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas.  You knew Emma before she even arrived.  You knew she would present great challenges and were extremely honest with us about what we were about to face.  In fact, your honesty is probably one of the qualities that we appreciate the most about you.  I don’t know if you remember, but out of the six cardiologists that saw us prenatally, you were the one the stopped by Emma’s CVICU room regularly to check on her and on us.  Those qualities were why we asked you to be Emma’s primary cardiologist.  You have helped us through so much and have monitored Emma so closely to give her the best chance possible.  Don’t worry, I won’t tell any of the other patients that we are your favorite…;) ha ha! 

Dr. Josh Koch:

One of the first memories we have of you is not one of our best, but it helped us gain respect for you and your responsibilities.  The first terrible night that Emma crashed: you had left for the day, but came back and worked calmly and patiently (even though I thought you were working too slow) with the fellow to determine what to do in order to get Emma back to a stable place.  After that, our respect and admiration for you grew and grew.  You calmed me down multiple times and truly listened to our concerns when we felt like no one else was.  But probably the act that means the most to us is when you offered to pray with us before Emma’s Norwood.  Your compassion and willingness to work with families to make the CVICU a truly family centered care unit is bar none.    

Dr. Nugent:

You are the very first doctor to perform a procedure on our dear daughter.  Little did either of us know the journey we would all take together?  You did an impeccable job day one of opening up Emma’s intact atrial septum.  You gave her the opportunity to live another day and for that we are thankful.  We trust you above all others in the cath lab with Emma even though she can be extra ornery for you.  You have added humor to our lives when we needed it and take time (even if you don’t have a lot to give) to explain everything that is going on and how it relates to Emma specifically.  We adore you just as much when you are attending in the CVICU.  Thank you MATE!    

Dr. Sarah Troendle:

I do not think I ever truly understood the value of a great pediatrician until Emma came along.  We had trouble finding someone that even understood Emma’s complex health issues.  When we heard about you through a fellow heart buddy we were very excited about the prospect of finally finding someone who could understand Miss Priss.  Once we found out that you had trained at CMC and knew Emma’s cardiologist well then we knew it was the perfect fit.  You have such a compassionate spirit.  Your kindness, empathy, and thoroughness mean the world to us.  You always take the time to give Emma the medical attention she needs and are constantly advocating for her needs.    

There are many other doctors (Dr. Clay, Dr. Green, Dr. Wolovits, Dr. G, etc.)  that I could list, especially those in the CVICU that worked so diligently on Miss Priss during her year long stay.   You are appreciated more than you will ever know.  Thank you for giving of your time to help “fix” our little one’s broken heart. 

HAPPY DOCTOR”S DAY from the Stewart Family! 

Emma when she was practicing to be a doctor!


  1. Beautifully stated with such heartfelt details! Thanks for reminding all of us that there are some exceptional physicians in this world! It is amazing how they work tirelessly on our babies' intricate health problems, gifting them with life when others had left us to feel almost hopeless! May the Greatest Physician continue to guide them.

  2. Love the picture you now have of Emma on the opening of your page. She is so precious. We continue to keep all of you in our prayers. Kendall and Darla