Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Long Overdue Update...You don't Want to Miss the Zoo Pics :)

Hey everyone!  Just thought I would give a little update as to what our sweet girl has been up to lately!

First, Emma recently went to the zoo and had a blast!  She got to see a ton of animals and even got to feed the giraffes.  I wasn’t able to go with Sarah and her mom to take Emma (I was extremely sad about this!!) but Sarah was able to send me some amazing pictures and a video of her feeding the giraffes.  So glad my big girl got to see all of this and have this amazing experience!  Lots of pictures, but I think they tell her experience so well.

Secondly, we thank God for the improvement we saw on Emma’s last Scottish Rite appointment.  Her lower lumbar scoliosis improved from 35 degrees to 24 degrees just in this short time she has been able to wear the brace.  Sarah and I consider this a huge victory because as one might imagine, this brace is no fun at all for Emma.  But, she has been amazing at tolerating a lot of hours in it.  We will continue to have her wear it and reevaluate in months to come.   Praise God!

Emma in her brace...We don't get many smiles when she has to wear her brace :(

Third, we give praise to God for her improvement in communication skills!  She has recently been doing and amazing job with communicating with Sarah, her therapists, and me with her song cards.  We give God the glory for all that He is doing in her life right now and to come!

Emma also has a new wheelchair.  While she is not maneuvering it herself yet, she is definitely enjoying some rides around the block.  Our hope is that this allows her more independence in her movement.  

Emma's cardiology appointment went well.  Her labs looked good and we are continuing to watch a collateral vein that has formed and is "stealing blood".  At some point, this will send Emma to the Cath Lab, but we are holding off for now because her oxygen levels are "good" for her and her heart function remains stable.

As always, God is good, all the time.  And all the time, God is good!
Scott (Daddy)


  1. Loved reading the blog and since I hadn't seen her wheelchair video I watched it. I really enjoyed watching her as she was moving along. Her smile just makes my day.

    Love Always!!!!! :)

  2. Absolutely loved the videos. Makes us feel like we are closer to sweet Emma. First of all, it was so exciting to see that she was not afraid of the animals like a lot of children are. Looks like she was really enjoying herself. Second, it is so understandable that she does not like her brace. I sure wouldn't. But, with time, she just might feel very comfortable in it since it is helping her. Third, just wait till she can operate her wheel chair on her own. That will be the highlight of your life. Seeing her go from room to room, place to place on her own. She seems to love it right now. It has been a long time since you posted, but it was worth the wait. Oh yes, and to hear her sweet little voice was icing on the cake for all of us!!! Love to you all and prayers continue for her to progress more and more. Who knows what the future holds. She seems to be doing so well and so many positive things are happening.

  3. It seems that people are always praying for a miracle. But our family has already witnessed an amazing miracle, and Emma, YOU are our MIRACLE!

    What a spunky little granddaughter you are, and what amazing lessons of perseverance you teach to all of us!

    May God continue to bless you as you keep growing, learning, and sharing your amazement for life with each person who witnesses your journey!

    Bushels of Love from your Nana Jana...

  4. Loved the Sonic video. (don't tell daddy). So cute and she is communicating more and more. Love it.