Monday, July 22, 2013

Family Vacation 2013

I could write a novel on how well our Lake Texoma family vacation went this past week.  After a week of doctors appointments, we were more than ready for some family fun (although 
Scott had to work a few days).  Speaking of doctor appointments, Emma saw the dentist, pulmonologist, pediatrician, and cardiologist week before last.  All of her appointments went well.  Here is a brief overview:

Dentist: Emma's teeth look great and her last molar is still taking its precious time to come thru the gum.

Pulmonologist: Emma is doing well with her current medications to help with reactive airway disease.  The doctor prepared us that the winter would be the worse time for her.

Pediatrician: Emma's reflux meds did not seem to be working properly, so we have changed meds and so far she is doing much better on the new medication.

Cardiologist: drum roll........Emma gained 1.5 pounds in the past month on her new calorie regimen...YAY!   Emma's echo and EKG looked stable which is great.

Orthopedic: Update on scoliosis appointment: We loved her new doctor.  She was very understanding and is going to watch Emma for a couple of months and get a new x-ray.  In the meantime, we are going to work on Emma's core strength in hopes we can avoid the brace.  The good news is that Emma does not have any spinal bone malformations which is helpful in scoliosis management.

Now to the fun stuff. . . . . . .

We took a week's vacation to Lake Texoma this past week that concluded in the annual Jamar Reunion.  Last year Emma did not do well at the lake, so we did not have extremely high expectations for this year; however, Emma did great.  We went fishing, tubing, skiiing, boat riding, swimming, and did a lot of eating and relaxing.  But, instead of spending copious amounts of time writing about our trip, I will let the pictures speak for themselves.   

Emma getting comfy in the RV (notice the was chilly)

Enjoying the sunshine!

Mr. Rhett

My 4lb 4 oz fish

Beautiful sunrise over the lake

Eating corn on the cob for the first time

My smiling cutie

Jamar reunion BINGO

Helping Daddy drive in the park

She loved Cinnamon

Little Glasses 

Skiing Fun


Scott Wakeboarding 

My dad can still ski like a pro

Randi wake boarding

Emma and Cousin Coen riding on the boat

My beautiful boat baby

Taran and Coen 

Our annual tubing time

Seven people on the biggie

Papa and MawMaw

My sweet sister-in-law

Sassy and Stylin

Fun at Kids Day


Daddy and his Princess

Jake and Rhett

10 people and 3 tubes = Crazy Fun

Love my family
Visiting with Great Grandma

Gramma and Grampa cleaning fish

Hanging out with Cousin Austin

It did our hearts good to see Emma enjoying the lake and her family.  Emma truly blossomed on this trip and showed us a side of her we really had not seen when she was around a lot of people.  God provided amazing weather and it rejuvenated our little family.

We appreciate the prayers and support as we continue encourage Emma's development, tend to her medical needs, and do our best to give her fun life opportunities.

As always, God is good!  All the time!  God is Good!


  1. What is the saying? A picture is worth more than 1000 words. Thanks for sharing your vacation with everyone out here and so glad to hear about such good news on Emma. Love and prayers. Kendall and Darla

  2. so happy she did well...I'm thankful you got to have a relaxing time with family...keeping you all in prayer as Emma continues to progress..

  3. Thank you for posting about your sweet girl! It's so good to see her smiling and engaged, clearly having a blast with family and friends. What a sweetheart.

  4. LOVE the pics and the update. I have been talking about Baby Emma in my classes since she was born. LOTS of my students will ask if there is anything NEW about "Baby Emma"....I show them pics throughout the year. I have a container in my room that we collect POP TABS for the Ronald McDonald House. I have explained to them that RMH is a place where families can stay when they have people in the hospital... I told them you all stayed there awhile!!!! Even though I have explained you have a house now many of the students will still say..."This is for Emma!!!" LOL!!! I teach next door to Darla and I have been friends with Donna (Jamar) Estes for MANY years.. God Bless You and keep posting!!!! Janice Presley

  5. Great job! Love reading about all the good news from her doctor appts. She is growing and developing into such a sweet little girl with such a personality! I can see so many changes and so much growth in her emotionally, physically, developmentally! Thank you for loving and providing for her. . .she is a blessing to us all!
    Love, Darla