Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fluid from Where???

Went for abdominal procedure Monday. Initially we thought that they were going to do a paracentesis with conscious sedation to draw the fluid off of her abdomen and send Samples for testing. However, when we arrived in interventional radiology, we learned that due to the amount of fluid Emma had in her abdomen, they were going to intubate her and place a drain so they could slowly drain off the fluid.  

The procedure was very short and Emma went back to the CV ICU for monitoring. The doctors decided to drain the fluid at a slow rate to the tune of 30 ML's an hour. Despite the constant draining, Emma's abdomen kept getting larger.  Every test that had been sent off came back normal, so the G.I., cardiac, CVICU , and surgical teams were at a loss for what could be causing this massive ascites. 

Despite the massive abdomen, Emma was stable, so they moved her back to the eighth floor on Tuesday morning. Emma was very lethargic, inconsolable, and overall did not look well. It was decided that since nothing was coming abnormal with her G.I. issues, a last ditch effort to determine where the fluid was coming from would be to send her to the Cath Lab. Scott and I were upset about that decision but understood that we needed to do what was best for Emma. 

However, earlier in the day G.I. had decided to send another sample of the fluid off of her abdomen for evaluation. When these levels came back her triglycerides were high, so they got another sample of the fluid and tested it again and it came back even higher. Believe it or not we were relieved about this news because what it seems to show the team is  that at some point during Emma's  abdominal surgery her lymph system was knicked, so she is draining fluid into her abdomen. Unfortunately, the process to heal this is slow and requires a very special diet. 

Emma has been on that special diet for around 24 hours and while she is still draining out of her abdomen.  Her abdominal girth went from 37 cm to 32 cm and has stayed at 32 cm for almost 24 hours. It will take a few days to know if this is truly what's causing this and if we found the solution to slow down the abdominal leak. 

If this does not work we will be back at square one have to make some other decisions.  We are praying that this is what we're dealing with. While it is not optimal, it is something that can be managed without having to do invasive interventions. 

Emma has felt better today and is been more interactive and alert which is also an encouraging sign. We have no idea how long we will be in the hospital. It really depends on if this is truly effusions that we're dealing with and how long it takes Emma's body to settle out from having so much fluid in her abdomen.

 We appreciate the prayers, text, messages, calls, and encouragement during this unexpected setback. We really are praying that Emma is back to herself soon so that we can get home and truly be home for a while. 

As always, God is good! All the time! God is good!

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