Friday, November 5, 2010

Emma's One Month Update

Well, Emma celebrated her one-month birthday yesterday.  Where are we in this journey?  Well, we are moving at Emma’s pace---slow and steady.  This week has been a good week for Miss Emma.  She has had two pigtail (chest tubes) put in, two IVs put in, one broviac IV access put in, started feeds (slowly at first, now up to full feeds and working up to full calories---YAY), her art line taken out, one pigtail taken out (this morning), and a whole lot of rest and relaxation.  Last week, into weekend, Emma required a lot of pain and sedation medications to do the smallest things (bathe, change a diaper, etc.)  The more this week has gone on, the less pain meds/sedation Emma needs to get through it.  For example, today they took stitches out of two drainage holes, took out a pigtail, did dressing changes, did respiratory therapy, and an x-ray----all with only one bolus of fentanyl.  Also, Emma is growing in her grow box.  She now weighs 6lbs 6 ozs!  YAY!   The nurses and doctors have been great with Emma’s new “pace.”  They understand that Emma needs things to go slow, so they try not to do too much at once.  Since Emma is doing better, Scott and I are able to get more sleep. 

So, how long will we be in ICU or even in the hospital?  All of that depends on how Emma progresses.  We are in NO rush, as Emma seems to do better when she takes baby steps.  We have been told to prepare ourselves for a long hospital stay.  Emma has to be off the vent and on full feeds before we would even move to the 8th floor.  Emma is being weaned off of the vent slowly.  She is at 25% oxygen at a rate of 10.  This is very good.  More than likely, next week, they will try to do sprint trials to see when Emma can be pulled off the vent. 

All in all, this month has been the roller coaster ride we were told it would be.  We have had some very scary moments.  However, God is good!  All the time!  God is good!  We give him all of the glory and adoration for the AMAZING things he is doing in Emma’s life.   We thank all of you for being such caring and loving individuals who continue to lift Emma and us up in prayer. 

Below is a poem from Emma’s Nana Jana!  Jana is very gifted at poetry and has written many beautiful poems.  This one is extra special however because it is for her first grandbaby Emma.  Emma will cherish this poem forever.


I cried, "God, Emma's heart is not quite full,
I'll give her some of mine!"

"No, grandmother," the Father said,
"I just need lots more time."

And so I waited, on and on,
to see what He would do;

And I have to tell you, sometimes then,
My own heart broke in two.

Through pumps and tubes, IV's and lines,
I searched for my grandchild,

'Til one day, when I saw her face,
My own heart beat and smiled;

For on her face I saw a look
I'd never seen before,

Her bright eyes seemed to say to me,
"I can handle more."

And so she did, and so she does,
And still she battles on;

As her parents pray and read,
And even sing her songs,

The days turn into weeks, a month,
I pray, "It's been too long!"

But God calmly says to me,
"You really must be strong.

"I told them once, long long ago,
That a little child would lead,

"See, your grandchild in this crib,
Gives all the faith you need."

So now I look into her face,
Through lines, IV's, and things,

And realize that the noise I hear,
Is my heart as it sings.

For God is good all the time,
And all the time He's good.

And His light shining through her eyes
Reminds me that I should

Rejoice in all the folks who pray
For our sweet Princess now,

And thank the Father up above
That Emma taught them how!

Quoting from:
          Isaiah 11:6 -- "...and a little child shall lead them."

(For Emma on her one month BD from Nana Jana)
(November 4, 2010)

Specific Prayer Requests:

Pray that Emma continues to tolerate feeds and gains weight.
Pray that Emma’s heart will continue to function properly and will be without arrhythmias.
Pray that Emma’s lungs function well and will get stronger so she can come off of the vent.
Pray that Emma will not be easily agitated.
Pray for the doctors, nurses, and therapists that take care of Emma.
Pray for the other CICU babies.
Pray for Scott and I to be a light to others.

Mommy (Sarah)


  1. beautiful poem...Emma is blessed with two special grandmas. Keeping the prayers going up!

  2. i couldn't control the tears as i read the poem because in a way lil emma has taught me so much so the poem is some of how i feel even though i know there is no way i could feel all ur pains i pray that i get to have emma as a part of my life because i feel that this small lil girl is going to be a very important part of life i touch her pics everyday when i pray so thanks so much for blogging and posting in this hard time u take out time to keep us all involved i love you guys thanks so much for my lil emma

  3. I love the poem. I am so excited to see her pictures and hear how well she is doing. Emma is such a fighter and has such wonderful parents and grandparents! I am sending prayers and thinking of you all the time. If you need anything at all I am here for all of you. Love, Tasha :)

  4. Praise the Lord for Emma. She is and will be a witness to so many people. So will her parents. She is an angel.

  5. That poem is so beautiful and touching! Glad she is having such a great week and continuing to send prayers your way :)

  6. Your update today was very moving to say the least. I cried as I read the poem so lovingly written by her was beautiful beyond description and touched my heart. We continue to pray for each of the specific needs that you have requested and feel honored to do so. We love to see God moving through your sweet little one. She has already touched so many people in her 1 month here on this earth than most do in a lifetime. We are inspired by not only her story, but by you and Scott as well. The light of Jesus shines through every blog written by the both of you and reminds us daily how big and how great our God is. We have completely fallen in love with your little one from afar and thank you so much for sharing her with us. Love to all of you! The Brown Family

  7. Precious pictures! I continue to lift Emma to the Father in prayer several times a day. Thank you for taking the time to post an update. I know many are like I am - they anxiously await some news. Praise the Lord this week has been a good week for Emma. I will continue to pray for Emma and Scott & Sarah and the medical team who cares for her.

    Joy - Chandler, OK

  8. What a beautiful poem and precious gift from grandma.
    Its amazing how fast days, weeks and months go when you are in the hospital. I am so excited that Emma is getting more of the fluid drained off and that she is tolerating more. I know that helps you and Scott to be able to touch your baby and her to respond in a good way and her stats not to drop.
    Emma has a steady pace at healing which is so great, better than rushing ahead to just stumble back.
    I know you all are an encouragement to the nurses that take care of Emma and are a light to those that meet you and hear Emma's story. You all are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Happy one month Birthday Emma you are so special and such a fighter!!

    The Rogers Family

  9. Emma (and her mommy/daddy) is in our thoughts and prayers! Happy one month birthday! You are one special little girl and you encourage us in ways you may never know. We love you and will cherish the day we see you face to face! The poem is beautiful! In Christ, Karrie Jo, Cody and Colton Terrell

  10. its hard to see to type this through the tears. what a beautiful,insightful,loving, poem. we still continue to pray for you all and are so happy to hear that emma is continuing to improve every day. much love to all of you, kelly and tina hill

  11. Thank you Nana Jana for sharing such a beautiful poem with everyone who loves this baby. So very thankful she has gained some weight. Never before has a lb. or an oz. seemed so important. It won't be long till she will hit that 7 lbs. We all want to know when that time comes. Thanks so much for the updates, Scott and Sarah. We continue to pray for everything you ask of us and we pray often.

  12. So glad Emma is having better days. We continue to pray for her to improve day by day. What a beautiful poem. Love, Kendall and Darla

  13. Happy Birthday, beautiful Emma. May the Lord Jesus continue to use your precious life to draw others close to him. I am praying for you and your Daddy and Mommy - for complete healing, for peace, for rest and strength and patience, and for your love for Christ to grow through this.

    Kerith Leffler

  14. Continued prayers and well wishes on your journey

  15. We are praying for Emma to gain strength each day. God knows our needs before we even ask. We must continue to trust in Him and pray often. We are all so thankful that Emma has been strong enough to overcome all that has happened thus far. As she gains weight, she will be able to fight even harder. She is such a blessed baby to have the mommy and daddy she has. "Keep fighting little one and we will keep praying."

  16. Beautiful Emma~ Wonderful news that Emma is having good days.. We will keep praying for you all!

  17. what beautiful poem!
    miss emma is truly a gift from the Father. i pray for her strength daily as well as yours!