Thursday, December 2, 2010

Still Trying to Figure Out Some Things

Recently when Emma was extubated, she failed very quickly and had to be reintubated.  This was very disappointing since the doctors and all of us thought she looked ready to come off.  Well today, they made an attempt to find out some more answers as to why she did not do well coming off the ventilator.  They took her down and performed a procedure to look at her airways and see if there is any swelling, obstructions, other problems, etc.  What they found out was that she had a little swelling but other than that nothing much really.  The OR people thought it was more than likely a lung related issue, not an airway issue.  So now, we are back trying to figure out what caused her to fail quickly.  We have yet to talk to the ICU doctors about what they think about these results, and what they think will be the best plan to proceed with.  This is disappointing to Sarah and me because we really don't know a whole lot more today after the procedure, as far as why she failed coming off the vent, than we did before the procedure.  Hopefully we will get some answers sooner than later.

Please pray for her lungs to heal if they are damaged and to improve so that she can come off the ventilator soon. 

Daddy Scott


  1. Praying for you guys & hoping you get answers soon! Praying for Emma everyday!!

  2. Praying for all of you...hoping she can get off the ventilator real soon.

  3. Praying continually.

  4. Scott, I am so proud of the faithful, caring parents that you and Sarah are to little Emma. God blessed her with a Mommy and Daddy who will defend, protect, speak for, and love her unconditionally through these trying times. I am sure that at times you and Sarah may get discouraged, and I feel that way too, because we all hate for Emma to have to go through so many procedures!

    Nevertheless, I am proud of your constant faith that God knows and loves Emma all the time! As a young couple, you and Sarah are a good example for all of us, but don't feel badly if at times you shed a tear or two for that sweet little Princess, for even God's own Son wept when he was living the human life, and He already knew how wonderful Heaven is!

    Your Little Princess has a host of friends out in the cyber world, people who've never even met our family! What a blessing those faithful friends are as we all continue to pray for Emma's progress!

    Here in this house, we love you and Sarah, and our hearts are filled with love for that sweet little baby, too. Just as we love you "to the moon and back, and to infinity and beyond," that's how much we love Emma.

    Momma (aka "Nana Jana")

  5. We are praying for her lungs to heal. It is amazing how precious they are and when they don't work right how much more attention we pay to them. We know that struggle all to well with Weston only having one good lung and only 20% of his left lung. Emma just needs time which I know you guys don't want. I remember how much we wanted Weston off the ventilator because they do get so dependent. Just wait until she is off and then gets sick and doctors are trying to intibate them and your telling them no because they were on it for so long. Stay strong, God is in control and watching over you three. You are showing so many people how amazing God is in your lives and especially in Emma's.

    Rogers Family

  6. As we all get our minds ready for the holiday season, let us not forget those who need our prayers. Sometimes we get caught up in our own cares and "events" and get very busy. People rushing around here and there, just trying to get everything done before it's too late. There are those who have greater concerns than the price of a gift, or standing in long lines, or traffic. Let us all remember these precious little babies that are fighting so hard to get well. Our prayers during this busy holiday season is for these little ones and their families.

  7. Stewart Family, you are often in my thought and prayers I love you all dearly. Today I will pray for the Lord to put His arms of comfort around you. I will also pray today that Emma's tiny body is strengthen and grown by the Lords mighty power.

    Love, Samantha Estes