Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Many Faces of Emma

I am SOOOO Innocent!
Aunt Stephanie LOVES me!
Pathetic Face!
Grampa, I don't believe that story for one minute!
Cousin Trevin put me to sleep!
Family Time!
MawMaw is Funny!
PaPa giving me some lovin'
Just Monkey'n Around!
Aunt Joni rocking me to sleep!
In my bouncy and I reached for/and got my ring for the FIRST time!  
Gramma Time!

Emma is still doing great post extubation!  Thank you all for your prayers!  Please keep them coming!  Now we need to stay infection free, off the vent, keep growing, and get a NEW HEART!  God is Good!  All the time!  God is Good!


  1. She looks fantastic! I just want to know if it is going to be my turn soon?! Love that little face :) (and yes I have been stalking her and know that she has been doing great! xray so much better) I am so proud! Love Favorite Aunt Kimberly

  2. How precious is this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so happy Emma is doing this well. Scott and Sarah, we pray daily for your precious baby. Love, Kendall and Darla (thanks for sharing the pics)

  3. So happy for all of these precious moments you are having! God is good!

  4. E Every day, around the world,
    M My granddaughter's name is heard;
    M Many prayer warriors pray for her,
    A And I know GOD hears each word; yet

    J Just when hope had ebbed a bit
    A And Baby Emma's breathing still was strained;
    N Nine o'clock came on March the 5th
    A And blessings showered down like rain, for
    E Emma breathed on her own - without a vent or pain!

    S She was surrounded by so many prayers,
    T To God, whom we knew was there, and
    E Emma continued on her own, so
    W We knew God supplied the air;
    A As the good news raced around the world,
    R Rejoicing people smiled with ease
    T To know, with God's help, Emma breathes!

    on your 5-month birthday, the time was right for you to breathe without the vent! Never mind having "half a heart," because we know you are "twice the fighter." Keep up the great work; God will send you a new heart when He knows that the time is right for it!
    PS...Nana Jana loves you and I am SO proud of you!

  5. Love seeing Emma in her little "girlie" outfits. So darling. Prayers still coming your way.

  6. I am so excited to see she is doing so great! I have been following your blog for about 3 months now and praying all the time for sweet Emma! I have a 10 month old little boy with HLHS and we also had a very rough beginning. He has had his Norwood and Glenn and a cardiac arrest. He is diagnosed Cerebral Palsy, as well. Emma and my Simon will touch so many lives with their stories of how God kept them safe from all of the things they lived through! I am so excited for you guys to have come off the vent! Next step is to leave those canulas behind (we just did 11 days ago!) and get to look on that beautiful face without the accessories! :) God is sooo great!!!

  7. I have been a lurker...stumbling upon your blog months ago. These pictures of your beautiful girl have me commenting tonight. I wanted you to know that I pray for Emma every night (well when sleep doesnt get me first). I LOVE the picture with Papa...so sweet. Sending many prayers.

    Denise WI

  8. So thankful the vent is off..she has the biggest eyes, so beautiful. Praying for all to fall into place for God's perfect will for Miss Emma.

  9. Her eyes are GORGEOUS! Praying for your sweet baby girl...

  10. Beautiful baby girl who has an amazing family and wonderful friends!! You guys keep being strong and she will get stronger!! GO EMMA GO!!! Have been praying for you guys and will keep praying- the perfect heart will arrive quickly for a perfect little princess!! So glad to get the opportunity to know you guys, I feel very blessed!! :-)

  11. God is SO good!!! I had chills all over my body looking at these pictures. Emma you are a fighter and I'm praying for you and a new heart.

  12. Praise God from whom ALL blessing flow! Soooo happy to hear that Emma's extubation is a success. I know she is enjoying the freedom as are those who get to hold her and love on her now with much more ease.

    The pictures speak volumes. Emma is so loved and I know that has much to do with her thriving. She is a doll. Thanks for sharing a part of your family time.

    Prayers continue for the next step in the journey on which God is leading you guys.

    Joy/Chandler, OK

  13. So glad to hear she's still doing well after extubation. She beautiful!

  14. God answered many prayers and we are "praying without ceasing." WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

  15. My favorites by far are the ones where she is laughing! Way to go little cousin and keep it up!! Love you so much even though I have yet to see you.

    Hugs & Kisses,