Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Poem by Nana Jana

 E  Every day, around the world,
M  My granddaughter's name is heard;
M  Many prayer warriors pray for her,
A  And I know GOD hears each word; yet

J  Just when hope had ebbed a bit,
A  And Baby Emma's breathing still was strained;
N  Nine o'clock came on March the 5th,
A  And blessings showered down like rain, for
E  Emma breathed on her own - without a vent or pain!

S  She was surrounded by so many prayers,
T  To God, whom we knew was there, and
E  Emma continued on her own, so
W  We knew God supplied the air;
A  As the good news raced around the world,
R  Rejoicing people smiled with ease; for
T  They saw, that with God's help, Emma breathes!

Thank you Nana for the BEAUTIFUL Poem!  


  1. Beautiful poem Nana!

  2. Beautiful words and Emma looks so happy in the picture.

  3. Sarah and Scott,
    This is Laurie-- baby Elliott Lenhart's aunt. Our family has been keeping up with Emma's progress, and we are just so proud of how many obstacles she has overcome! She looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL! And I know that y'all must be thrilled that she is still off the ventilator (great job, Emma!). We pray for your continued strength and courage during this time, and for a new heart for Emma very soon!
    Laurie and Teddy Dykoski

  4. Sweet little Emma, your Nana has already revised this poem for you; you know how it is that people just keep rewriting, trying to make a poem perfect to fit the person it was made for!

    We have quite a collection of poems, don't we, Emma...and you know what, there are several you have not even seen yet. But one day when you are big, Nana will give you all these poems so you can begin to realize how many people love you and pray for you and your Mommy and Daddy every day; it is hard to imagine how many thousands of people you have already touched, and how many tens of thousands you have united with one purpose: to pray for Emma's heart.

    Keep up with that good breathing; Nana, Papa, and Aunt Stacey are SO proud of how hard you are working. Each breath makes thousands of people around the world happy for our precious Princess!

    Sending you bundles of love and hugs and kisses galore! Nana Jana