Monday, September 26, 2011

Speed Bump

Speed Bump

Today presented Emma with a slight speed bump in her road toward recovery.  Early this morning (around 2 am), Emma started experiencing momentary desaturation episodes.  She would bring her sats back up, but any major cough, throw-up session brought on another desat.  Well, Scott and I had a sneaky suspicion that Emma was building up fluid in her chest.  The doctors removed her chest tubes yesterday, as they were not putting out much fluid.  Well, her x-ray did not show much change and her blood work was fine so they were debating what step to take next.  It was decided that they would do a sonogram of her chest cavity and her kidneys…..(side note: Emma had a bloody urine diaper last night too).  The results of the sonogram showed a pleural effusion in her left chest area.  This explains her desat episodes.  Her kidney sonogram looked good.

So, tomorrow’s plan is as follows: Emma will go to the Operating Room (at some point) and have her broviac line removed, her clogged tear duct probed, and a chest tube put in to drain the excess fluid.  In saying this, Emma has had a good day overall and the doctors are pleased with her progress.  We expected to see pleural effusions post surgery, as this is something she had post Norwood.  In order to help Emma with this fluid, Scott and I are taking turns to hold her with her left side up.

Please Pray that:

1.     Emma’s procedures go smoothly tomorrow.
2.     She can be successfully extubated quickly.
3.     Her pleural effusions resolve themselves soon.
4.     Her recovery continues to be smooth.
5.     Our heart buddies have the strength to keep going.
6.     One of our heart buddies: Gracie has many more days with her family or that she can prove the doctors wrong and live a long time.

We are so humbled by the love, support, and prayers.  God is Good!  All the Time!

P.S.  If you have items for Hope From Emma’s Heart, please have them to us by October 10th!


  1. Little Princess, what a long and difficult road you have traveled to today, and what a Warrior Princess you have proven yourself to be! Bands of Prayer Warriors surround you, so we know God is always near ... maybe He is the strength that helps you to smile through all the pain - not even crying for blood tests, and being rolled into the Operating Room with a smile on your face.

    One thing is certain, Little Granddaughter: you are a unique and precious gift from our Heavenly Father, and to us, baby girl, you are absolutely perfect and beautiful too! We proudly walk this journey with you, thanking God for the wonderful Mommy and Daddy who have been there through every step of the way to love you, to hold you, and to advocate for you!

    We are praying for tomorrow's procedures to be effective and as pain-free as possible, and for Jesus to be there holding your hand every second.

    In one week, you will have your first birthday. What a bundle of blessings - and a lot of hard work on your part - have brought you to this point.

    We are blessed beyond measure to hold you and to love you...and even when we are absent from you, in our hearts we hold you close! God bless you, our precious and only grandchild!

    "LOVE" is not a big enough word to tell you how we feel!

    Kisses and hugs from PaPa Steve and Nana Jana
    (PS...Auntie Stacey loves you bundles and bundles, too!)

  2. Praying for no more speed bumps, praying for smooth paths. Lord cover your baby as she goes in to have things tuned up and pulled out. Praying for mama's and daddy's hearts today.