Monday, September 19, 2011

Update Number 3

Emma's surgery is DONE!  Emma is off bypass and doing well.  Dr. Forbess decided to not mess with her pulmonary arteries right now. She is requiring 100% oxygen which is to be expected right now.  One of her heart pressures is a little elevated.  They expect it to be around 14 and Emma's  is 17, so not elevated much.  Our cardiologist said he kind of expected Emma's to be slightly elevated.  We are waiting to talk to Dr. Forbess and will know more details at that time.  The good news is that things went well and she is off of Bypass.  Please keep praying that her post op is smooth.

Right before surgery


  1. I know you are so relieved to have that part over, I know I am and I'm not directly involved. Thank you for taking the time to update.

    Praise the Lord!!!! I know He was with Emma every step of the way and I am so happy to hear that the surgery is over and that it went well. I continue to pray for Emma. Especially, right now, I pray for her to be as pain free as is possible. Praying for peace and rest for you, Scott & Sarah

    Joy/Chandler, OK

  2. Praise Him Praise Him!