Sunday, November 6, 2011

Since the Last Update.....

The last several days have continued to progress in a slow and steady fashion.  One of the biggest and best news we have received is that her heart function is back to NORMAL.  This is such big and exciting news.  We were unsure what exactly occurred on the night that Emma crashed (did her heart quit functioning properly and that caused respiratory problems, or the other way around), so to have her heart function normalize was a huge relief.  We were all just waiting around to see if her heart would pick back up and work like it should.  This waiting game was difficult and caused a lot of anxiety.  After all, if her heart had taken a permanent hit, what would we do?  What would the new plan be?  So, as of right now, all of the inotropes (or medicines that change that force of the heart’s contractions) are OFF!  YAY Emma!

Our biggest hurdle at this point is getting off the vent.  We are making strides in the right direction, but due to constant effusions (fluid in the chest) and lung damage from being ventilated for so long, Emma’s lungs do not always want to cooperate like they should.  We are currently walking her down a little bit at a time in hopes that we can extubate her in a few days. 

Emma’s swelling has decreased significantly and she looks much less like the “Michelin Man”.

A little over a week ago, we were told that our little Princess would not live through the night.  We were told by multiple doctors and nurses that babies that experience what she did that night do not live.  Throughout it all though we were also told that Emma has the most fight that they have ever seen in a baby.  She continues to fight and defy odds.  We know who is in control and who is holding our little girl’s hand. 

We thank you again for the prayers, encouragement, and concern.

God is good!  All the time!  God is good!

Looking much better...our little fighter!

Our little doctor in training (pre-crash)

Sweet baby girl (pre-crash)


  1. Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Enough said.

    Prayers continue.

    Joy/Chandler, OK

  2. Every day with you is a gift, precious Emma.
    We love you to the moon and back, and to infinity and beyond!
    Hugs and kisses from...
    Auntie Stacey,
    PaPa Steve, and
    Nana Jana

  3. Ohhhh she is so beautiful!! Praying for her lungs!

  4. Scott and Sarah, We continue to pray for your sweet Emma. So thankful she is improving. Kendall and Darla

  5. God has truly blessed you with a little fighter. My daughter was born 2 weeks before yours and we have been praying for her for the past year. May God continue to strengthen your precious girl and you!

    The Guyer Family, MO

  6. I am so glad they were all wrong and that Emma is the little fighter that she is. :) Praying for all of you daily and so happy to hear that she is improving. Will pray for her to continue to improve and for her little lungs to pick back up again and be able to come off the vent. God bless all of you! Rainy(Oklahoma)

  7. Thanks for updating...I check daily to see how Emma is..praying for you guys daily. Lord, give to Emma, Scott and Sarah all of You Lord. Give them strength for each day...give wisdom to all who work with Emma. Bless the Stewart family.

  8. Your little fighter has love in her eyes!!!