Friday, November 25, 2011

Update on Miss Emma

Well I just looked at our last update and as stated in that update, a lot has happened since the previous update.  We apologize for the delay in updates, can get kinda busy around here! ; )  Well Emma was on 20 liters of Vapotherm but we have been able to work down to 6 liters on a heated nasal canula!  Big big progress there!  We have been also working back up to where we were on feeds and trying to get her back to bolus feeding (larger volumes at a time) from continuous feeding.  We have made quite a bit of progress in that area now as we are kinda back to where we were when we were feeding her every 3 hours.  We have a little bit of work left still in those above two departments, but I know that we will get her there...  (keep reminding myself, slow and steady wins the race..)   Emma, has been all smiles since being extubated.  All smiles and she has also been loads of fun.  She is starting to have quite a little voice and she is "ahing" towards both of us when she feels like she needs to tell us things (which mind you is quite often!).  She is also developing quite a little addition to her already wonderful personality and that is in the area of increased sassy-ness.  She has this little cry and temper that is developing.........  it makes us laugh, which, doesn't make her happy!  We have also moved from the 3rd floor ICU to the 8th floor (one of our nurses called it "the zoo" so Emma wouldn't know she was moving, and also progressing to going home! hehe  Yall might remember how she likes to throw us for a curve ball when she starts figuring out she might can, go home!). 

So, that in a nut shell, brings us to Thanksgiving day.  We had a lot to be thankful for.  I mean, wow, God has blessed us and brought us through some crazy times.  We have a wonderful daughter who lights up our lives.  We have wonderful people, like all of you and our families, in our lives, and the list goes on.  There is much to be thankful for.  But, as always, Emma wants to remind us of how she can be sassy, and so on Thanksgiving eve night and Thanksgiving day, Emma ran a nice fever.  We drew some labs but nothing came back positive for anything.  On top of that, she decided to start this coughing spell that brings her to vomiting.  Just recently one test, testing to see if she had a virus or not, came back negative, which is good!  However, the frustrating part about that test is that it only tests for common virus's, not all.  That means that, even despite coming back negative, you could have or had a virus.  But, a negative result, in my book, is still better than a positive one!  We think she might be trying to cut one or more teeth again.  I hope that she is getting closer and closer to those 20 teeth (she won't let us look in her mouth), because this is the worst thing, to her, that she has ever experienced each time she cuts one tooth.  But, despite all that, we enjoyed our Thanksgiving, even though it was just the three of us in the hospital.  We watched the parade, ate a nice lunch, then just played with Miss Emma the rest of the day, well that is when she wanted to play! ; )

All in all, Emma is doing very good.  We just keep praying that she can ween down even more on the oxygen and continue to work up on her feeds.  We also keep praying that she is not coming down with some form of sickness as she is still running a low-grade temperature. 

God is good, all the time.  And all the time, God is good.


  1. Precious, precious pictures. We can see the personality just bubbling out of that sweet little girl. She is just so pretty and we know you all are having a wonderful time just being with her. She is just the little fighter, isn't she? We really enjoy the wonderful updates and pictures. We know you are looking forward to Christmas and so are we because we know we will see some great pictures from you guys.

  2. So thankful for the update! Praise the Lord for continued progress!

    Continuing to pray for you all.

    Joy/Chandler, OK

  3. Beautiful pictures! Slow and steady! :) God bless you guys! Rainy(Oklahoma)

  4. Oh, sweet little granddaughter! Tell your Mommy and Daddy how thankful we all are that they take such good care of you and make you so happy every single day!

    Those little "pearly whites" are so cute, and that smile is just precious!

    I am sending you a great big hug and kiss and lots of love!

    Emma, Lil Warrior Princess, we are all thankful for the gift of YOU!

    I love you to the moon and back...
    and to infinity and beyond...
    "Nana Jana"

  5. Keeping you all in prayer as you take one day at a time...