Friday, January 18, 2013

It Was Something More.......RSV

Emma tested positive for RSV. We are starting a breathing treatment and monitoring oxygen levels at home for now. She is stable and dealing with it well at this point.  However, her oxygen levels have taken a hit, so she is on continuous oxygen at this point.  The coughing is also keeping her up at night and causing her to not want to eat :(

Please keep us in your prayers. It would be great to weather this out at home. It just makes me glad that we fought so hard for the Synagis which will reduce the harshness of the virus.

Also, I want to let everyone know how much we truly appreciate all of your support.  Whether that support is in the form of prayer (most important), calls, messages, tangible items, etc.  I have tried to keep track and personally thank those who have sent things to Emma and our Mended Little Hearts group.  If I have accidentally forgot, I am truly sorry.  Also, we were having certain mail items stolen by our mailman for awhile, so your thank you could've been taken!  Anyways, we sincerely appreciate all of our wonderful supporters.


The Stewart Family


  1. hope you get better very fast emma

  2. I hope she gets well really quickly!!! I think the name Little Mended Hearts is so cute. :)

  3. We will be praying for Miss Emma that she will be over this very very soon. The Abners

  4. Don't know if anyone's mentioned this but we always put vicks vapo rub on the bottoms of our babies/kids' feet followed by a pair of socks and, i don't know why or how, but it significantly cuts down on their coughing. Most of the time it completely stops the coughing for a while and they can sleep peacefully for awhile. When they start coughing again we repeat the process. Hope it helps! Emma will be in my prayers:)

  5. saying prayers