Thursday, January 31, 2013

Welcome to the HeartLand “Amusement” Park: AND WEAR RED

Welcome to the HeartLand “Amusement” Park:

You officially have an all month pass to one of the craziestrides in the country.  So, buckleyour safety belts and hang on tight. 

This was an amusement park that I was not searching for inthe beginning.  Don’t get me wrong,I enjoy a little adventure in my life. In fact, I tend to be a thrill seeker, but when I learned about thisspecific “thrill ride” I was actually scared, unsure, and extremely nervous.  The thing about this amusement park andparticular ride (The Horrendous Half a Heart) is that once I made the choice toenter the theme park, there was no turning back.  I sat in my seat and listened as the instructions came overthe loud speaker.  “Ladies andGentlemen, welcome to the Horrendous Half a Heart ride:  Warning you may experience loss ofcontrol, unspeakable fear, nausea, and heart palpitations.  However, you will probably think thisis the BEST RIDE you have ever been on despite all the crazy twists andturns." 

Like I said before, I enjoy thrill rides, but this particularone left that sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach… know thatfeeling you get when the unknown is literally around the corner (or up ahill).  

The ride inspectors were doingtheir final checks when I noticed a sign in the corner.  The sign read “1 in 100” enter thisamusement park, but only “1 in 4, 344” will ride this ride.  That did not really make me feelbetter.  I looked around at thepeople sitting in the rollercoaster cars around me and we all had same uncertainlook on our faces.  It was nice toknow that I was not alone on this ride, but for now, most of us were keeping toourselves.  

The next thing I know, the inspectors have found aproblem.  The problem is calledRAS/IAS.  This ride complicationeffects around 260 of us.  We wereasked to exit to the left and get on the other car.  Once seated we were told that this ride was going to be alot crazier than our first.  Beprepared to experience loss of oxygen, unstable conditions, longer wait times,and all the other warnings from the original ride.  Well great, I guess there is no turning around now. 

I hear the gears turning, the cars slowing beginleaving.  I can hear the click,click, click of the gears as we head up the first big hill.  None of us know what is over that hill,but we are all on this “ride of our lives” together.  I look over at Scott, grab his hand and say a prayer.      

Please join me this month as we recognize Congenital Heart Defect Awareness, and join me as I take you through the different rides andattractions of this special Amusement park.  My posts will vary from the literal to the figurative, but Ihope you will accept the “free ticket” and learn about living a life that isaffected by a CHD.

As always,

God is Good!  Allthe time!  God is Good!

Also, PLEASE WEAR RED today for Emma and her Heart Buddies.  If you wouldn't mind, send me a picture of you wearing RED to so I can do a collage for Emma.  

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