Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Post Cath Update 2

This will be brief....Emma had a rough night and is fighting very low blood pressures despite being on medications that help boost blood pressure.  Emma is also running a fairly high fever that we are having problems bringing down.  Also, Emma's belly has gotten huge...and of course we don't know why.

Today's plan is to take Emma to IR to attempt another PICC line and try to determine why her belly is so big.

Overall, it has been a very frustrating night.  We hate that Emma has taken so many steps backwards.  

Please pray:
1. Blood pressure will stabilize
2. Belly will decrease in size
3. A successful line will be placed

God is good!  We don't always understand the plan, but HE is good!  


  1. Praying that her blood pressure will stabilize, a successful line will be placed, and her belly will go down. She is a little warrior, who is loved by so many. Give her a hug from my family!! We think she is so precious!! <3 <3