Saturday, April 11, 2015

We Need Pee

 After a decent day yesterday, Emma is struggling with renal (kidney) function today.  Please pray that her kidneys will perk back up.  We are hopeful that she was/is dry and that one of her meds she was on has aided in making her kidneys unhappy, so that the changes we made today will help improve the function.  She needs to have more urine output so that she is not so puffy. 


  1. Sarah-I've read your blog for years, found you through some infertility blogs I follow. I'm also a real-life friend to Kristina Droblyn, mom of Aaliyah the heart baby. I believe y'all were neighbors in the hospital in Dallas for a while. I check for updates often, and I pray for your sweet girl daily. I pray that you and Scott and the rest of your family will remain strong and faithful during this trial. Much love to you all from Texas!
    Alice Criswell
    Emory, TX

  2. Praying for her kidneys to perk up. Love ya little cutie pie!! <3