Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today's Wrap-up


Today started out being very eventful for Emma.  Emma was retaining a lot of fluid, was very swollen, and was fairly irritable.  These things coupled with a lot of congestion caused Emma to have a rise in her lung pressures, and an increase CO2 retention.  The team debated back and forth whether or not it would be a good idea to send her to the Cath lab for further evaluation.  After much debate, two echos, and bilateral chest x-ray, and fluoroscopy, it was decided that her echo looked good and the stint in the left pulmonary artery looked intact.  Therefore, the team decided to hold on the cath unless it became absolutely necessary.  YAY!

Emma is also “waking” up from the sedation and is becoming more aware of her pain.  She desperately needs to cough to clear the mucous in her upper airway, but it obviously hurts her to do so, so all she does is a very wimpy cough and subdued sneezes. 

The doctors are being aggressive with the diuretics to help keep Emma from getting so puffy and fluid overloaded.  They started feeding her again tonight which she is tolerating well.  They also took out her IJ (neck line).  This is way more comfortable for Emma.  The last piece to their plan right now is to wean the Vapotherm a little more tonight.

All in all, Emma has turned this day around and was extremely happy this evening.  She was playing, laughing, and cooing at us trying to get our attention. 

God is Good!  All the Time!  God is Good!

Prayer Requests:
1.     Please pray that Emma can keep the fluid off
2.     Pray that Emma can keep weaning on the Vapotherm
3.     Pray that Emma can tolerate her formula and that her chest tube drainage slows down.
4.     Pray that Emma continues to move forward and recover
5.     Pray that Emma’s pain is minimal.
6.     Pray for her Surgeons, Doctors, and Nurses caring for her.
7.     Pray for her Heart buddies (some of them are having a very difficult time)

Worn out Emma this morning

Happier Emma tonight!


  1. Praying for Emma's lungs to clear, for good coughs and little pain. Love those happy smiles praying you have many more of those today.

  2. Love to see that beautiful smile! Emma is incredible! Of course, she has a BIG God who loves her and takes care of her. Scott and Sarah, you are incredible young parents. I know there are times when you want to question why?, but you remain stedfast in trusting the Lord. God surely has a plan and He will guide you each step of the way and give you peace and strength for each part of this journey.

    Prayers continue for ALL of you, including your medical team. I especially pray for sweet Emma to be pain free and recover quickly.

    Joy/Chandler, OK

  3. Keep up the good work, Emma! We are praying hard for your healing, comfort, and strength. And for that of your awesome parents! Big heart hugs to you from Keegan.