Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Boston Blizzard of 2015

I know many of you have been waiting on an update.  I apologize for not getting one to you sooner. 

Emma was released from the hospital last Thursday evening. Emma and I came back to the hotel in anticipation of flying out of Boston on Saturday morning. However, a snowstorm moved in which created undesirable flying conditions and then turn left us in Boston. We then planned on flying out on Tuesday. When we made this plan there was little to no chance of snow on Tuesday; however, less than 24 hours later the weather man changed his predictions and said that this would be a massive storm that would move in and would probably bring 2+ feet of snow, blizzard like conditions, power outages, and would in turn shut down the city.  Well, they were right. Emma and I are now sitting in our hotel room unable to leave Boston today. While the snow is absolutely beautiful, we are very ready to come home. We are hoping that the storm will move through and we will be cleared to fly out on Saturday.

 So, that is a brief update on the Boston weather and why we are still stuck in Boston.

 Emma is doing well. She is tolerating the feeding regimen that we are currently on and seems to be regaining energy, stamina, and of course her sassy attitude a little every day. She is however sick and tired of being in the hotel. This mama is running out of activities to do to keep her entertained. We have made many stroller races up and down the halls, takenthe elevator for rides, purchased a special snacks in the little store, and strolled around the lobby more than anybody wants to. And the crazy thing is, I have to keep her entertained for several more days. On the bright side, we are getting a lot of one-on-one mother/daughter bonding time. And while there are times that she is not my biggest fan, we get through it and end most of our days with laughs and smiles. 

I am so appreciative of a few people who helped me out yesterday by bringing food and supplies to get me through this winter storm. I was literally down to my last couple of baby wipes and diapers. Also, it was so great to get some fresh fruit to break up the monotony of soups sandwiches and salads.  Yay to fellow Okies who were visiting Boston or who now live in Boston to help this mama out.  Also, thank you to our friends, family, and church family who have sent text messages, called to check on us, or Skyped with us to help pass the time and send encouragement our way.

We will have several follow-up appointments when we get back to Dallas to monitor him his heart, G.I. status, weight, and labs.  

We appreciate your prayers for Emma's health during this viral season. We also ask for prayers for her heart that it can stay strong and that the surgery  that they did in Boston will continue to be successful.  We also ask for prayers that Emma can gain appropriate weight and muscle over the next several months in preparation for her next surgery.

God is good!  All the time!  God is good! 

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  1. Bless your hearts. Oh my, she is just a little angel and seems so happy. Love the pictures you update with. Even though she has lost so much weight, she is still a growing little girl. So glad things have worked out, finally, so you can get home. No place like home!!! Love to all of you and safe travels. Love, Kendall and Darla