Saturday, January 3, 2015

Stomach Virus---2 Scott and Sarah---0

I know many of you have been waiting on an update.  For those of you not on Facebook, Scott and I both came down with a stomach virus on Thursday.  Scott left the hospital around 3pm on Thursday after vomiting and I followed around 9:30pm.  That was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.  Looking at Emma's little face, seeing her scared eyes, I left her room in tears and headed back to the hotel. 

 The next eight hours were brutal.  Scott and I were both physically and mentally exhausted.  An hour into the virus, I called my mom, who could tell I was absolutely devastated about leaving Emma.  She immediately booked a flight and headed to Boston.  Friday was spent in bed, unable to barely move and definitely not in a position to eat or even drink much.   

My mom arrived around 2:00 on Friday.  Emma's Thursday night nurse and Friday day nurse did a great job keeping us in the loop in the interim.  

Emma did not have the best night last night.  As we have stated previously, we do not think the team has a handle on her diuretics.  The diuretics they have her on are not really pulling off much fluid, so every couple of days, we are having to give Emma a dose of diuretics in the middle of the night due to a drop in SATs and increased work of breathing.  That happened again last night.  So once again, Emma started coughing, dropped her sats, had to get an xray, and got a dose of diuretics...all of this caused her to get very little sleep.  Scott and I understand that they are nervous about giving her a loop diuretic every day since the last time they did Emma's electrolytes dropped to critical levels; however, we can't keep playing this game or we are going to be here FOREVER!!!  

We are waiting to hear back on how her Xray looks this evening and what the plan may be from here on out.  

We are also consulting GI to try to determine why Emma has so much gas build up in her intestines.  

Scott and I are feeling better today...still weak, but able to eat which is a good start.  We are hoping to be back at the hospital tomorrow.  

Thank you for your continued prayers.  

Please continue to pray that:

Scott and I can stay well.
The team can get Emma's diuretics balanced.
The GI team can help remedy Emma's gas issues.
That Emma and Gramma can get some rest.
Emma can stay infection and virus free.

God is good!  All the Time!  God is Good! 

Our New Year Kiss (pre-virus) 

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