Wednesday, January 14, 2015

GI Update 3

Emma had a big day.  As many of you are aware, she had a couple of surgeries scheduled for today.  The two surgeries scheduled were to place a GJ tube and removal of her gallbladder.  Now on top of that, GI wanted to do some biopsies of her esophagus and small intestine for tests to see if they could shed any light on why she is having some intolerance to eating/food.  All of this was to be accomplished during this one GJ tube placement procedure to limit her exposure to anesthesia.  It was a big day for her, the procedure from prep to finish took many hours and here is the blessing, she did very very well through the whole gauntlet of procedures.  There was debate and question on if they would be able to extubate (remove the breathing tube) after the procedure or if they would send her to the floor with that.  They were able to remove it and she breathed well on her own.  So, our little girl no longer has a tube running into her nostril nare, she has a tubeless face and is dawning a fancy GJ tube (that even has glow in the dark components! NG tube eat your heart out! hehe). 

When she got back to the room, she was pretty sore.  Still was when we put her to bed tonight but she is such a trooper!  We are alternating some Tylenol and Motrin and she seems to be doing ok with that.  She went right to sleep as soon as we turned the lights off.  Poor little girl, she is tuckered out.  Right now her heart, breathing, and everything else is looking good!

There will be some definite struggles ahead with diet as this new GJ tube opens up some new abilities to feed.  And we are hoping that it, plus the removal of her gallbladder (if indeed it was playing a role GI-wise), will help us to get her back on track with where she needs to be with regards to her nutrition. 

All in all, a very good day filled with a lot of changes and a lot of blessings.

Prayer Requests:
1) Pray she has a smooth couple of days recovery.
2) Pray that her pain is easily managed.
3) Pray that she rests well at nights.
4) Pray we are able to figure out her diet and nutrition.
5) Pray her heart and lungs continue to stay strong.
6) Pray for all the staff here taking such good care of her.
7) Pray for Sarah and me, that we continue to have the strength that we need to be there for her on this journey we are on.

As always, that you all for the thoughts and prayers!  Prayer is powerful!

God is good, all the time!  And all the time, God is good!


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