Monday, December 8, 2014

Boston Preop Day

Boston Preop Day

We arrived at the hospital around 7am this morning.  The hospital was super easy to find and navigate so we didn't look completely lost this morning 😉.   We checked in at cardiology preop and our very busy day began.  First, we took Emma to radiology for a chest X-ray.  We went back to preop and the took us into a room to do vitals, height, weight, and EKG.  Emma then had 5 vials of blood drawn to check various lab work.  One set of labs was looking at her hemoglobin and we already knew, these numbers were an overnight stay on the cardiology floor is happening tonight.  

We waited around for cath consent for awhile, but the doctor was busy with another case, so we took her to get an echo.  While waiting for her echo, Scott and I were called back to sign consent for the cath which left Gramma and Grampa to supervise the echo.  Scott and I came in at the very end of her echo and she was doing great.

After her echo, we were given a small break for lunch.  We enjoyed our lunch at Au Bon Pain and met some sweet families.  After lunch, the not so fun waiting game began.  There were no rooms available on the cardiac floor so we were left to wait and wait and wait.  Emma did great, but she was starting to get very tired. They finally let us have an exam room to lay her down while we waited (it was after three by this point).  She finally went to sleep when they got a room ready on the cardiac floor.  

The team on the floor has been very nice.  We are in the new wing which has really big rooms with pretty views.  They will start fluids at some point tonight to help hydrate her for her cath tomorrow.  We are being told that she should be second case tomorrow.  

We have yet to meet her Boston surgeon or cardiologist, but that should happen tomorrow at some point after the cath.  

Emma is finally asleep and will hopefully rest well after her very busy day today.  So far the staff here had been extremely helpful and understanding.  

Thank you all for your support during this journey.  Prayers are appreciated as we approach the cath tomorrow.

Please pray:
1. Emma handles the intubation and extubation well.

2. The cath goes smoothly and the team is able to get the perfect pictures and measurements needed to aid in the surgery.

3. That the team finds the right fluid balance that keeps Emma's lungs happy.

4. That her post op is smooth and uneventful.  

God is good!  All the time!  All the time!  God is good! 

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