Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Latest Update! Emma needs a lot prayer.

Emma is out of the cath and is headed to the CVICU to stay overnight.  They are keeping her intubated in preparation for surgery and since they coiled collaterals during the procedure.

Tomorrow's Plan:

Take Emma back for surgery around 8:30am.  She should be in surgery around 6 hours.  They will be doing several things tomorrow including....

1. Taking down her Glenn circuit 
2. They will take down the area in her atrium that is causing resistance to blood flow.
3. They will be creating a shunt to optimize blood flow to the lungs.

I am not going to sugar coat this....this surgery is our option to give Emma a chance, but it is extremely risky.  Due to all of the collaterals that they formed, there is a huge chance of bleeding.  Also, her right and only ventricle has some decrease in function so there is concern that it could further decrease.

The Boston team is agreeable that this is the best option to give Emma the chance of moving forward; however, they reiterated what a difficult procedure this would be for Emma.

Scott and I know this is what we have to do, but we are most certainly nervous.  Tomorrow is going to be very difficult for us.  We are turning  our daughter over to a new team to give her "THE CHANCE".   

We would really appreciate your prayers tomorrow...specifically 

1.  That they will be able to successfully cut through her chest and collaterals without causing major bleeding.

2. That Emma will have no issues going on or coming off bypass.

3.  That Dr. Baird and his team will have the knowledge and wisdom to make the right choices for Emma during surgery tomorrow.

4.  That Emma's right ventricle will stay strong and pump efficiently after the surgery.

5. That Emma's body will accept the new circulation and heal well.

7. That Emma's post op recovery will be smooth and uneventful.

We serve a faithful God!  God is good!  All the time!  God is good!  I know he has a plan for Emma and we trust in that plan.


  1. Your update has literally brought me to my knees. Praying more than ever for your precious Emma. God IS good.

  2. We are praying very many heartfelt prayers for God to hold her in His precious and protective embrace tomorrow. One thing that has helped us through the waiting, I would like to suggest. Our surgeon, Dr. Teodori, accepts our request every time to pray with him right before he goes in to begin the procedure. If you have not already, request this of your surgeon. He will most likely not be surprised and be willing to do it, given the seriousness of this procedure... All my love and prayers to Miss Emma and her amazing family <3