Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chest is Closed

Well the chest is closed up and Emma is doing good.  They say that the next 8-12 or so hours can be similar to after the Norwood just because this is almost like another surgery.  It changes the pressures inside her chest cavity which makes a whole new environment for the heart.  Everything went well though and now they are going to just watch her and see how she does.

Specific prayer requests:
1)  Pray that her recovery process after this is smooth.
2)  Pray that her sats and all her vitals continue to improve as they should.
3)  Pray that her heart continues to function well.
4)  Pray for the doctors, nurses, etc. that will be taking care of Emma.
5)  Pray for her lungs, that the part that is collapsed will open up, and that they will continue to function well.

God is good, all the time!  And all the time, God is good!

Daddy Scott


  1. Thanks so much for the update! Your precious angel will be prayed for many times today!

  2. Well, little Emma, tell Mommy the bows are getting bigger than your head now!! I just showed my Pre-K class your picture. They ask about you every day and they have to see your picture and all the pretty bows! Praying that you grow stronger each day and everything heals the way it should! We love you and can't wait till you are home! "Jesus loves the little ones like me, me , me. Jesus loves the little ones like me, me , me. Little ones like me, sat upon His knee. Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me!" I bet you have heard Gramma sing this song!

    Love you bunches,

  3. Such great news! You are constantly on my mind and in my prayers! Emma is so blessed to have such a wonderful Christian family! We all love her so much already! God is SO BIG! We see his wonderful works in so many ways! Love you all and we are sending lots of hugs your way!!!
    ~John, Debbie, Shellie, Audrie, & Tyler Bynum~

  4. Praying for Emma to have strength and for the healing to go smoothly. Praying for extra strength for mom, dad and gramma.

  5. Sweet little granddaughter,
    It is so hard not to be there, standing in the doorway to your room, just watching you! The fight in you is admirable for such a petite little princess!
    That pretty pink flower with the little girl underneath makes me think we'll have to come up with a new line of baby dolls. Instead of "Cabbage Patch kids," the "Emma Flower Bud dolls" will be found underneath a giant flower, and every one of them will be a sweet little girl with a precious, gentle face like yours!
    God bless you, sweet little one! Your Nana, Papa, and Auntie are watching your photos and updates, listening for the chant of a text message, and praying for such a special little lady!
    You are one of Jesus's little lambs, and He loves you so! So do we. God bless and keep you, and help you continue to fight and become stronger!
    Nana Jana

  6. We are praying for you every day. Thank you for the updates. Praise God for He is good all the time.
    "Because You have been my help, therefore in the shadow of Your wings I will rejoice. My soul folows close behind You; Your right hand upholds me."(Ps. 63:7-8)

  7. Scott and Sarah, Just wanted you to know we have been praying for you and Emma everyday. Thankful to hear things are going well. Love Always, The Bussey's


  9. We have been praying for your adorable baby girl!
    Steve and Betty Johnson
    Seminole, OK

  10. We are praying for your beautiful Emma. She is so strong, and your faith will give you peace. I look forward to reading the updates. She has made such wonderful progress. We love you all.

    Elise & John Donaldson
    Melody, Olivia, Karis

  11. God Bless you little Emma, you are quite a little fighter! God bless your family as they stand by our side. I pray your little heart will just pitter patter with all the joy that life will bring you! Excited to see you one day!
    Love you all Donna Jo

  12. You have many prayers going up from Washington, OK. I have shared Emma's story with my friends and church and the Faith you have is beautiful to see. Thank you for keeping the updates coming. Dr. Forbess has rescheduled our son Jake's surgery for Tuesday, October 20 so hopefully we will meet you on the journey of recovery very soon.

    Angie Steele

  13. Every morning I wake up and I can't wait to get on my pc to see how Emma is doing. Bless her little heart!!! We are still praying for her and all of the family. She is in God's hands.
    Marsha Eaker

  14. Hey Stewart Family!
    Want you to know that we pray for your little bundle of miracles multiple times every day! She is so wonderful, I cannot wait to meet her in person. Praying for you all to stay healthy and strong for her, and that God's amazing grace continues to surround her with a hedge of protection against anything that could go wrong. She is a testament to the wonderful healing power of an Almighty Father that loves His children.. As the song goes, "He's got the little bitty babies in his hands..... He's got the whole world in His hands!"

    Take care and keep us posted!
    Love you guys so much,
    Wade Melissa Abigail and Jake Hisle

  15. So glad she is doing so well, she is beautiful.
    Lisa Rae