Monday, October 18, 2010

The Journey Continues

Good morning to all!  Emma's lungs have improved!  An answered prayer indeed.  She is still on the Cipap machine and it seems to be working. Her lungs look more open and she seems to breathing a lot easier.  However, there are several new developments in this journey of recovery she is on.  One is that one of her intra-cardiac lines has somehow dislodged and was spilling her lipid infusion into her chest cavity and then coming out her chest tube.  They have stopped infusing in that line, and are going to do an echo on her heart to see where the line is exactly.  Secondly, the chest tube itself is another one of our problems.  It is still draining quite a bit so they can't take it out yet.  During rounds they informed us that this very tube was causing many of our lung issues as it was collapsing, you guessed it, her right lung.  They are now trying to figure out how they can remove it so that her breathing and lung function will continue to improve.  Thirdly, she started having an irregular heart rhythm last night.  Something they call atrial flutter.  They are going to monitor it today and see what approach they want to take to try and resolve it.  So, with little sleep as I type this, all I can say, to sum up, is that it has been an eventful night.  No one said that this road of recovery would be easy.  So, through all of this, we continue to lean on God for help through all that is ahead!  God is truly amazing and has proven that to us since October 4th when Emma got here!  He has never let us down.

Some specific things to pray for:

1)  Pray that her heart rhythm will resolve and that it will function normally.
2)  Pray for her to be able to get rid of her remaining chest tube.
3)  Pray for her lung function, that it will continue to improve.
4)  Pray for all the medical staff that is taking care of our daughter.
5)  Pray for Sarah and I to have strength and peace through all of this journey.

God is good, all the time.  And all the time, God is good!

Daddy Scott


  1. I love the cipap tape on the pink bear toy! Many prayers continue for your sweet family :)
    Love, Shauna & William Woloszyn

  2. After Emma's crisis earlier today, we are once again reminded of God's tender mercies as He hears and answers our prayers. Let the FAITH of Scott and Sarah be an example of the Christian walk for all those who question if God is real.

    As my son says, and believes with all his being...whether things from our earthly perspective seem good - or - bad,
    "God is good all the time; and all the time, God is good."