Friday, October 15, 2010

Update on Emma and Friendly Reminder

Well, Emma is doing great!  They started feeding her a little breast milk today!  And by little I mean little, to the tune of 2 mLs an hour.  They have also taken her off of a medication that takes excess fluid off your body, Lasix.  All the doctors that we have seen today are so glad to see her doing so well!  They are also thinking that for sure tomorrow or the next day they will remove one tube from her chest.  And Sunday or Monday, they are thinking they will take her off of the ventilator.

I just wanted to remind everyone that if you plan to come and see Emma there are a few things you need to take into consideration:

1)  Please do not come if you are sick.  If you have any thoughts that you are sick or are getting sick, please do not come until you have been well for a while.
2)  If you have been around sick people, please do not come for a little while in case you are carrying an illness.

We say this because it would be very easy for Emma to catch something at this point in time, and we do not want to delay her healing process by a sickness that could have been prevented.  Just so you will know, if you show up to see Emma and you are sick or think you are getting sick, we will not let you come back to see her.  Also, you will probably be asked to wear a mask and stand by the door.  Flu season has begun, so it is for her protection.   We know that you all want Emma to stay well and fully recover.  When she is good and healthy we will be able to share her with you more.

Thank you to all of the people that continue to pray for Emma!  I see so many answered prayers each day!  Keep up the prayers! :-)

Some specific prayer requests:

1)  Pray that her recovery process continues to go smoothly.
2)  Pray for her heart to continue to function great!
3)  Pray for her lungs, that they continue to do well and function properly.
4)  Pray that her brain will develop the way it is supposed to and that that it will not be a cause of        concern in the future.
5)  Pray for the doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, etc. that see her on a day to day basis.
6)  Pray for the other families in Children's CICU!

As always, I thank not only the doctors, nurses, etc. for helping Emma each and every day, but I thank God for continuing to watch over our Precious Little Princess!

God is good, all the time!

Daddy Scott and Mommy Sarah

We were a little naughty today.  We tried to pull our intubation tube out, so we had to be restrained.  Notice the blue cuff with white ribbon.


  1. You are so right! Little Emma's immune system is vulnerable, and any little germ that enters her system could cause all kinds of problems! That is why even Nana Jana, Aunt Stacey, and Papa Steve have not entered her room or gotten to touch her yet ... even though we'd love to! We are waiting until she is recovered, and older and stronger! So, Scott and Sarah, protect your little one; you are her defenders and do not need to apologize because anyone who loves little Emma will happily abide by your directions to ensure that that little one has every chance for a healthy future! We can hold her in our hearts until we can hold her in our arms! Love to the 3 of you; thinking of you and praying for you! Emma was Miss Bright Eyes this morning and so precious!
    Nana Jana :-)

  2. Very well said! You are great parents! Can't wait to meet her and take lots of pictures!!! I feel it will be sooner than later, she is doing so good!

    Ashlee H.

  3. You don't know me and likely never will. Please know that I pray for your Emma everyday. When I'm driving and my foster baby/daughter to be is making happy noises in the back seat, when I wake up in the middle of the night, and just randomly throughout the day she is on my heart and I thank God for every tiny improvement! Look forward to updates and praises! (((HUGS))) from TN, Michelle

  4. GRRRR!!! You have the Momma bear down perfect. :) You keep growling and don't ever appoligize for taking care of the preciouse blessing that God has given you! (Do you ever get tired of older people telling you what to do? That sounded bossy and I just wanted to tell you , that ya'll are doing awsome keep leaning on God and each other and we will keep praying for all of ya"ll)It made me very happy to hear that our little Emma is doing so well. I pray that she will continue to suprise the Doctors by getting better and stronger every day. I look forward to getting to see new pictures each day and I know Grampa Scott was excited about the BIG Flower Bow!! (he told us he picked that one) He was very proud of that bow. :) Looking forward to meeting Emma in the months to come. Keep up the wonderful job of Loving GOD & Emma. :)
    Darla R.

  5. Emma being naughty? Nah!!!! She just knows she wants that ole tube out. :) Emma will probably be several months old before I can hold her, but it will be oh so worth the wait. Love to you all!! :)

  6. Nana Jana said it very well. Protect your little one. This is why these updates and pictures are so wonderful. We can enjoy her without taking the chance of spreading any kind of germ to her or you guys. The friendly reminder was well taken by everyone. Let's don't get too anxious and forget what is important. We pray for you all daily.

  7. Hello,

    I am Elizabeth and I heard about your daughter on another person's blog. I just wanted to "stop by" and tell you I will be praying for your little girl! My son is 5 months old and has HLHS. He has had his Norwood and Glenn procedures, as well as a heart attack after his Glenn and is currently battling Pneumonia. Seems like alot but our little warrior is staying strong through it all with God's healing hand on him! This road has been extremely tough but as long as you focus your eyes on God, it is livable. We have met some awesome people on the PICU here in Tucson, AZ and are meeting more and more every day! We are proud to be the parents of such a strong, adorable testimony of God's caring and healing abilities!