Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Good Day/Evening

Close-up of Miss Emma's face.  Her little chest is still open so we will crop the pics.  

Well, we had another good day yesterday.  Emma was able to have a little bath last night and get all of her blankets changed out.  She smells so good this morning and is quite alert.  She is opening her sweet little eyes and paying attention to Scott and I. 

Speaking of Scott, he is truly the best husband and daddy in the world.  He hardly ever leaves his little girl’s side, and when he does he is constantly checking up on her.  He spends the night at the Cardiac ICU every night and diligently watches over our little Emma all night.  I have stayed a couple of nights, but Scott and my mom are pretty insistent that I go back and sleep at the Ronald McDonald House most nights until I heal more.  Emma already has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger. 

Keep those prayers going for Miss Emma.  She has been such a fighter!  God is good and has been working so hard in Miss Emma’s life. 

Specific Prayer Requests:

1.     Pray that her chest closure goes smoothly (It will either be today or tomorrow)
2.     Pray that that the 8-12 hours post chest closure goes smoothly and that we experience no downturns.
3.     Pray that her recovery keeps going smooth
4.     Pray that she will not have to be on the ventilator very long and that they will be able to remove the drainage tubes and such soon.
5.     Pray for the other families here at Children’s……there are a lot of ups and downs in this ride.
6.     Thank our Loving, and Caring God for the work he has done so far in Emma’s life.

Special Prayer Request:

A family that we met at the RMH had a baby in the Cardiac ICU that went to be her Heavenly Father this morning.  Pray for God’s comfort and strength to surround them.

Sarah (Emma's Mommy)


  1. Praise God! We're so very glad Emma is doing so well. We look forward to your blog posting every day to see how God is working in your lives (our top bookmarked page!) Blessings and continued prayers, Shauna & William

  2. I am so thankful to know that she is doing well. Our God is so good! You have all been in and will continue to be in our prayers. I had not thought of praying for the other families there because we were so centered on Emma...we will now be praying for them and their healing as well. Love to all of you! Kim Brown

  3. So relieved to hear the good news. We love you all. Sheri and family

  4. Good news for all and I am glad that you are getting rest. Give that sweet little one a pat on her little foot from Ms.Denise and we are keeping those prayers going.

  5. Thank you Lord for answered prayers. Bless little Emma and her family.

  6. Emma is precious! Our prayers continue! Kendall and Darla

  7. She is such a precious baby! Such a little fighter. You and your husband are such strong parents. I will continue to pray for her and hope everything keeps going well. God Bless you all.

  8. Praising God each day for the miracle that is your baby Emma! Lifting up Emma, and all of you through this journey. Thank you for providing specific prayer needs so we can advocate on all of your behalf! Our GOD IS GOOD.....ALL THE TIME!

    Praying for the other families who are having their own journeys, first that they know Christ and are able to lean on Him....and if not, that through your daily, demonstrated faith and dependence upon Him, your life is an example and witness to them.

    Specially praying for the family whose little one went home to be with the Lord this morning.

    In His Service,
    Holly Hollingsworth Dillenburg
    Frisco, TX
    (friends of your precious grandparents Mr.and Mrs. Gerth, Sharon, Joni & Tommy)

  9. Miss Emma looks fantastic, bright eyed and alert and so beautiful!!
    Father GOd we ask that you bless and annoint your sweet baby, we ask that you continue to hold your babe in your Mighty hands as she goes thru another surgery to close her chest. We ask for fast healing, that all her numbers stay stable and her lungs to function just as you made them. We ask that you bless and annoint mommy and daddy and give them a supernatural peace and strength that can only come from you! Thank you sweet Jesus for all you have done!

  10. Scott and Sarah,
    While Emma was in recovery on Monday, one of the chaplains met with the family and said, "Well, I believe there can be a miracle today." I couldn't help but respond, "We know that. She is in that room upstairs right now, and her name is Emma!" I've always thought that a baby was one of the greatest miracles we witness today; but now that the baby is my granddaughter, well ... oh my, miracle of miracles, our little princess girl! Stacey and I've been in Ada for four hours, and I cannot tell you how difficult it is to be away from the three of you! I could've stood in the doorway of that room all day and night, just staring at our miracle named Emma! You made a beautiful baby together, and you are already wonderful parents to her! I love you all!
    Nana Jana

  11. She is so beautiful... I was showing pictures of her to my boys yesterday.. We are all praying for your family!

    The RMH was once our home away from home in New Jersey for a few weeks.! How blessed to have a place to recover...

  12. hey i just wanted to let u know how much ur lil girl has already done her good deed by helping me have a relationship with God that i never had before since i have been praying for you guys and lil emma i have looked to God more in my life and am changing alot of things in my life so i give all the credit to lil emma thanks and i am still praying every night and day for you guys love you guys always suzy hall!!!!