Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Update on Miss Emma and Some Recent Pics

  Emma is doing really well today.  As many of you know, she had surgery yesterday that placed bands on her pulmonary arteries which decreased the amount of blood flow that was going to her lungs and increased the amount of blood flow going to her body.  The surgery was a success and she has been benefiting from it.  All the doctors today have remarked on how good she is doing.  She is a little swollen from all the fluids that she has been getting, and so they gave her some Lasix which is a diuretic that will help take off some of the excess fluid.  She has already lost some of the fluid.
  They did a ultrasound of her head yesterday and found that she had agenesis of the corpus callosum.  This means that the corpus callosum did not completely form or did not form at all.  The neurology fellow told me that they would be coming by this afternoon to talk to us about what all that means for Emma.  She said, however, that they would not be able to tell us much of anything at this point in time until they are able to do a full MRI of her brain and see if she has any other abnormalities.  As of now though, she stated that that is all they found.  If you remember before she was born, they thought that she had some enlargement of the ventricles in her brain.  Upon the recent ultrasound, they did not see any enlargement in those ventricles which is good!  She also told me that although this is very scary that some people do not have one and would never know they didn't have one.  She said though that some people have problems with not having one.  This is very scary and we are indeed wanting answers but understand that right now, her heart takes precedence.
  The doctors came in today and said that they will probably be doing her next surgery, the Norwood procedure, on Monday or Tuesday of next week.  So now we have a more definitive time frame for what is coming up next.
  All in all, it has been an eventful couple of days but Emma is doing really really well!  God is truly blessing us!

Some specific things to pray for:
1) Pray for her lung function to continue to improve and make her even more ready for the next surgery.
2) Pray for her brain as we await to find out more.
3) Pray for her heart and that it will continue to do well as we approach next Monday or Tuesday.
4) Pray for the nurses that are taking care of her each and everyday.
5) Pray for the doctors as they take care of her.
6) Pray for Sarah and I to have strength and peace in these coming weeks.

God is good, all the time!  And all the time, God is good!

-Daddy Scott


  1. Consider it done! Glad to hear that she is doing well today. Love to all! Kim Brown

  2. Will pray for all those things and for God to work in a mighty way in Miss Emma. What plans He must have for her!

  3. Words cannot express what I feel for you all right now. I cannot even begin to fathom what you are going through. I love you and am praying for you constantly! I cannot get Emma off my mind. She is and always will be and example of faith and courage.

    Ashlee Holloway

  4. We are praying for you!

  5. We will keep Emma and you, her loving parents in our prayers!

    Yes brother, all the time... God IS Good!

  6. Mary & Bart Conley and I were hoping to come over to Dallas tomorrow after work to visit you. Would this be ok? If so, where should we go--Children's?

    ~Susan Ragland

  7. One of my facebook friends posted your blog and I have been praying for you and baby Emma since Monday. I am sorry your little girl has to go through this but know that HE is in charge and we have to keep the faith. Our little boy Jake was born with an AV Canal Defect and had open heart surgery in March at OU. We will be joining you at Children's in Dallas on Tuesday morning as Jake undergoes a repair or replacement of his mitral valve that started leaking in July. I look forward to meeting your family in the waiting room/ PICU and will continue to pray for Emma as I pray for Jake. It is a scary time and only God can bring us the peace we seek. Angie Steele- Washington, Oklahoma

  8. You don't know me, I think I got your info from Bowen Hammitt's site. My granddaughter, Emerson, has HLHS and we are scheduled for her third surgery on Oct. 18th. I will be praying for God's healing hands on Emma, and peace and confort for all of you. Hold on to your faith, God is in control, and he is the great physician!! Connie Toole (EmersonBanksMay's Nana), her site,

  9. You are in my constant thoughts and prayers. Whatever comes your way, God is a great refuge and strength and will carry you through. I know you know this, but sometimes it helps to be reminded. Many people will benefit from your experiences and faith. We love you and Emma! God is indeed good!

  10. Hello you do not know our family. We started following you after the post on Ella's Journey. Our family is from Okc ,but we are missionaries in South Korea. We have been praying for Your family and Emma. My 5th child was born with complete agenesis of the corpus callosum. She is three years old now and has shown very few symptoms. As an infant she was developmentally behind my other 4 by 3months.Now you could not tell anything was wrong. We had such fear before and then after her birth and diagnosis. We gave her over to God and had her prayed over before and after birth. We believe God totally healed our little miracle Elizabeth. We are praying for the same for little Emma.
    In prayer, Pamela Woods