Sunday, October 17, 2010

Still on the Cipap

Well she is still on the Cipap but we are not out of the woods yet.  She is still breathing quite a bit and so they are going to watch her like a hawk tonight and make sure that she is doing okay.  They will check her gases (CO2, O2, etc.) and lactate throughout the night.  Please pray for her to become more comfortable on the Cipap machine than she currently is.  Also pray for her lungs to open up fully to where she will not have to work so hard to breathe.  It hurts me so much to watch my girl struggle this much, but I know that this is just another step of recovery.  Please also pray for Sarah and I to have peace and strength for tonight and all the days ahead.

Some other specific prayer requests:
1)  Pray for her tonight and that she will rest peacefully.  Pray for her lungs and for her breathing tonight to improve greatly as well!
2)  Pray for her heart to continue to function really well!
3)  Pray for the rest of her body, that during this recovery process everything will continue to function properly.

-Daddy Scott


  1. We continue to pray. We are praying for everything you ask of us. Love you guys. Kendall and Darla

  2. So glad she is on her own, but sad she is struggling! I wish I could carry that burden for all you! You are going through one of the hardest experiences as a parent! We are praying so much for all of you! Praying the night goes well! Come on sweet Emma! Love you all!


  3. Poor Emma, I am going to say extra prayers for your sweet little one tonight.

  4. We'll pray for Emma's little lungs right now. love you guys. Love the Bussey's

  5. Father God we lift Sweet beautiful Emma up to you for healing, Father we ask that you heal her lungs and make them function as you created them to. Father we ask that you give her body rest that she needs to recover and heal. We ask for peace and strength for mommy and daddy as they watch over Emma.
    You are a Good God a Faithful God a God full of Grace and Mercy each and every day! Thank you Jesus for all you have done, all you will do! You are Mighty to save and heal and make whole! Thank you Jesus!

  6. We are praying. May God give you peace and strength!

  7. Oh what a precious baby girl you have...
    I still pray for her (and you two)...for strength and peace..
    God's wisdom for all doctors and nurses involved in her care and treatment..
    She is a fighter and a tough cookie.. You are very blessed..
    Toi Lawson

  8. Hang in there. God is closer to you now than you know. Lean on God and ya'll will do fine. This is just a small bump in the road to recovery. Remember the foot prints in the sand, at this moment you are only going to see one cause God is caring you, just lean on him. He won't put more on you than you can handle. I know, I have been there. Still praying and believing that God has great plans for Little Emma.
    God is good, God is great!
    Darla R.