Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Controlling the flow

We have an update on Emma. She is about to have a surgery that will involve putting bands around her pulmonary arteries to control how much blood flow is going to her lungs and increase the amount of blood going to her body.

The doctors are very positive about this procedure as this is one that is often times needed with HLHS patients. Even though this is a smaller surgery, your prayers are coveted, as always. They will be doing the surgery this morning. We'll update as soon as we can.


  1. Tavaro and I talked last night and our hearts are with you! We can only vaguely imagine how emotional this time must be for you two and little Emma. Having a baby is new and exciting and nerve wracking in some respects so with complications, we know it's even more taxing. You are in our prayers. God is on your side.

  2. Still praying in Cookeville, TN
    (((HUGS))) Michelle

  3. Many prayers being said for sweet Emma. She is beautiful. Thank you both so much for keeping everyone informed on her progress. We love you both and will keep praying for all of you. Kendall and Darla