Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A New Day

Well, the sun is up and it looks to be a beautiful day in Dallas.  We had a pretty peaceful night.  Emma did a great job holding her own without the pacemaker.  They are obviously still watching her very close, but are happy with what they are seeing thus far.  Her right upper lung is collapsed again, so they are trying to work on getting that back up.  The downside is that since she is still in a fragile state, they cannot work too hard on her respiratory therapy.  Another thing they are watching this morning is her body temperature.  Her core temperature is running at 99, but her hands and feet are cooler.  The nurse said that a lot of times this is a sign that they are about to spike a fever.  We obviously do not want any extra concerns, so we are praying that this is not the case.  I find myself watching all the numbers closely.  It is hard to take my eyes off of them.  I want and pray so bad that my beautiful baby girl will be back to having really good days soon.  It is so hard to watch her fight so hard.  I stayed at the hospital with Scott last night and we both got more sleep than we thought.  On a side note, Emma is not too fond of the placement of her vent and she keeps sucking on it, which makes the funniest noises.   

Specific Prayer Requests:

1.    Pray that Emma has a GREAT day.
2.    Pray that Emma’s heart rhythm continues to do well.
3.    Pray that Emma does not spike a fever.
4.    Pray that Emma’s sats, stats, and neers continue to look good.
5.    Pray that Emma’s labs look good.
6.    Pray that Emma’s right lung comes back up and they will be able to keep them up.
7.    Pray that her chest tube drainage will decrease so they can take it our.
8.    Pray that Emma will be able to go back on breast milk soon.
9.    Pray that Scott and I (and my mom) can keep up our energy and morale.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  Don’t forget to give the glory and gratitude to God for listening to our prayers and working so hard in Emma’s life.

Sarah (Emma’s Mommy)


  1. Thank you for a good night Lord. Please help Emma to heal more today. Please protect her from fever. Lift up mom, dad and gramma today in a special way. Help them to see You at work in Emma.

  2. We miss you guys and wish we could be there for support. However, being here at home we are doing the best thing we can do for all of you, praying and praying harder!!! She has been so strong this far and I know she will continue to fight and have her good days again soon. We're just a phone call away if you need or want us... We love you all!!! XOXO

    Miss Emma,
    Aunt Randi loves you and prays that you continue to get stronger day by day!!! Stay strong baby girl!!! We love you!!!
    Aunt Randi and Uncle Caleb

  3. Praying everyday for little Emma and her wonderful family.

  4. We have a mutual friend. I started following miss Emma's progress shortly after she was born. What a testimony mommy and daddy have been! I have been praying for you all!

  5. Scott, Sarah, Emma & Miss Sharon,
    I check your blog several times a day and pray for ALL of you even more! You are an incredibly strong and FAITHFUL family. God has blessed you with a beautiful daughter, and I know He has wonderful and awesome plans for Emma. Know that you all are touching so many people, and so many are thinking of you and praying for you! God bless you all!

    The Scroggins family

  6. I just found your blog today from an entry on Bowen's blog! I loved the poem from a heart Mom! Emma is adorable! I will be praying for you and checking the blog regularly. My husband and I are missionaries in Mexico. We have 12 children: 3 biological and 9 adopted. One of our adopted sons will be 3 tomorrow, but has serious congenital heart defects, including a single ventrical and several other issues. It is a miracle he has lived this long and we are now looking for a hospital and doctor in the U.S. to donate his care, as Mexican care is not capable to handle his situation. He is not a U.S. citizen, so that complicates things. Wanted you to know that it was great reading your blog! You all will be in my prayers!

  7. You wrote that Emma is sucking on her vent and making funny noises. Sounds like she is making the best of a bad situation. What a cute picture. Miss "bright eyes" is precious.

  8. Hugs and kisses to the Little Princess and her Daddy and Mommy from PaPa Steve, Nana Jana, and Auntie Stacey! Wish we could wrap our arms around the three of you and tell you each how big our love for you is! God bless you today and tonight, and may tomorrow's Sunshine be even brighter!

  9. I am so thankful to God for miss Emma's progress. We are continually in prayer for her and all of your family. We check your fb and the blog several times a day and we really appreciate the updates...keep them coming. You may not realize it, but you are such an inspiration to so many and little Emma has already made a huge impact as well. God has special plans for your little one...she is one tough cookie already and we cannot wait to see her and all of you when she is feeling better. Love to all of you! The Brown family

  10. Continued prayers for Miss Emma, mommy & daddy! Hope she improves soon!

    God Bless you and keep you in his care!

    ~Aimee Nemecek & Family

  11. I just found your blog today. I am the mom of a child who has agenesis of the corpus callosum.

    I have lifted Emma (and your family) up in prayer today and I will continue to keep you all in my prayers. I give praise to God who knows every tiny detail about your precious baby girl and who loves her more than we can ever fathom.