Sunday, October 10, 2010

Update on Miss Emma

Emma is doing really well this morning.  Her sats and stats remained steady throughout the night and remain steady this morning.  The doctors are still unsure about the surgery date.  She is puffy again.  This is to be expected since she received a little blood this morning and some fluids last night.  They have started her on Lasix again to try to get some of the fluid off of her.  So, for right now, I have my chubby little chipmunk -cheeked girl back! ;)  The surgeons have promised us that they will not do the surgery tomorrow just because it is scheduled.  They said if Emma is ready they will go ahead with it, otherwise, they will wait.  We are in no big hurry as she is doing really well. 

Please keep praying.  We know “WHO” brought Emma through this last night.  Emma is a fighter, and she has a Heavenly Father who cares for her and is helping her every step of the way.  Scott and I are enjoying spending time with her today!  It makes us realize how truly blessed we are to have her in our lives!

Specific prayer requests:

1)   Pray for her health that she continues to improve.   Pray specifically for her lungs and heart, as these structures are very important in a successful Norwood surgery.
2)   Pray for the upcoming surgery she is about to have.  Pray that it is successful and that she does very well during and after the surgery!
3)   Pray for the nurses, doctors, surgeons, etc. that are all going to play a big role in her surgery being a success.
4)   Pray for Scott and me as we will indeed be going through some scary moments ahead after the surgery.

Sarah (Emma’s Mommy)


  1. So glad that Miss Emma is doing well today. She is so precious and beautiful. It is amazing to see the pictures of her and see the fight and the sparkle in her eye and just to know that she has already had such an impact on so many lives. Your family is on our prayer list and in our hearts here at the Lord's church in Maysville, Ok.
    "I have set the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken" Psalm 16:8

  2. God is in control, you are so right! Emma looks so good in the picture, and I know you both must be weary but you don't show it. Hang in there and remember we are all praying for you daily! Sometimes we have to stop telling God how big the mountain is, and start telling the mountain how big God is! Keep the faith and He will get you through it all, weather by holding your hand or carrying you! Our God is soooo good!
    Love you guys!!

  3. Sarah and Scott, No words of wisdom...Just a hug and I LOVE YOU ALL! GOD IS GOOD!!

  4. So thankful...praying for Emma and you guys. God is in control, but it is an emotional strain to see your child like that. Praying He strenghtens Emma and gives you a renewed strength for the week ahead.

  5. So thankful to see that both Emma and Ella are doing well!!! I found ya'lls and Emma's blog through Ella. Praying for sweet baby Emma and the difficult procedure and road ya'll have to go through. Our God is so big and so strong and can bring us through anything!!!

  6. Emma is definitely living up to the words on our t-shirts, "Twice the fighter". With God on one side & her doctors on the other, she is in good hands. Keep fighting Emma. You are so deeply loved, as well as your Mommy & Daddy.
    Love you guys, Karla

  7. We are praying! We will keep checking on you. Love you!!! Kendall and Darla

  8. Good morning, little angel! So many people are thinking about you and praying for you this morning! Be strong and fight hard! Before you know it you'll be home! You are so loved and you have touched so many hearts! Love you sweet baby Emma!