Thursday, October 7, 2010

Making Progress: God is SO GOOD!

Today has been a really good day!  Emma has had two tubes removed, her chest tube and a drainage tube.  The doctors are very pleased with the way she is looking.  They have her on room air and she is doing great with it.  They were going to remove her vent, but she is still having some issues with ‘junk’ in her lungs so they are going to wait a little while longer.  Another milestone we reached today is putting in an NG tube!  What does this mean?  This means that Emma gets Mommy’s milk today!  YAY!  I am so excited about this.  They still have her on meds to help reduce fluid build up and it is working like a charm.  She has had several dirty diapers today and is peeing like a champ! J 

Dr. Lemler stopped by and checked on her and is very pleased with her progress.  They said that they were happy that everything worked like it did the day of her arrival, because she was a little sicker than they thought.  However, he said that if he would have known that she would have been doing so well now, he would have been more optimistic earlier on.  So we give God all of the glory for working with the doctors, nurses, and staff to help Emma reach this point. 

Emma is doing so well, but we still have so much more to do.  One thing is for sure; she has the best Daddy ever.  He has been staying with her around the clock and even got to help give her a bath at 3am this morning.  I am also so grateful to my mom for staying to help me.  She has been vital in my recovery, and is a huge encourager when it comes to pumping.  

Specific Prayer Requests:
1.     Lung Development: This is crucial for the next surgery
2.     Sat. levels: They need to remain in the mid 70s to mid 80s!
3.     Surgery Decision: Pray that the doctors will make the right decision about the timing of the Norwood!
4.     Fluid: That all excess fluid will be alleviated soon.
5.     Brain: That her brain will continue to develop properly and no excess problems are found.
6.     Future Surgery: That the Norwood will go GREAT and she stabilizes really well post-op!

Thank you so much for the prayers, support, cards, FB messages/posts, blog comments, etc.  We are so blessed!  Keep praying!

Us with Emma on October 7th

Getting drainage tube out! YAY!

Getting her NG tube put in!

Emma getting Mommy's Milk for the first time.  (See the vile in the machine behind her :) )

Love~ Emma’s Mommy (Sarah)  


  1. I just love reading about Miss Emma and how she is doing from day to day. Sarah you and Scott are such wonderful parents already and god a blessed you with a little angel. I wish we all had a Miss SHaron in our lives she is the best cheerleader anyone could have. Take care of yourself as you need rest to heal your body. Praying for Miss Emma and your family daily. Love Lea Ann Pettigrew

  2. God is so good!! What amazing progress, that is so awesome that she got her chest tube and drainage tube out, such big steps. So exciting about the feeding tube also sounds like Emma is doing great and she is on room air God is so amazing. We are continuing to pray for you guys. Emma you are so strong keep getting stronger everyday and now that you're getting Mommies milk you will :) So excited for you Scott and Sarah!!

  3. This is so great to hear!!! We love yall and are praying all the time!!!! Can’t wait to meet Miss Emma in person!!! She is precious!!!! Love yall!!! Have you seen the number of hits the blog has got??? That is crazy!!! You all are loved so much!!!! = ) May God continue to bless you!!!
    Love Gracie!!


  5. Praise God for a good report. I am so excited to hear she is getting mommy's milk...that is a wonderful feeling. I remember the first time
    Whit got to have mommy's milk in the was a wonderful feeling. You look great and are so fortunate to have your mom there for support...I do not know what I would do without mine...our mom's are both precious people. Emma is a lucky little girl to have all of you there and it sounds like she already has daddy wrapped around her little finger...that is a good thing. I will make sure and pray for the specific needs as well as for you and the entire family as you continue this journey. You are on our minds and in our hearts all the time. Thank you again for keeping us posted. Love to all, Kim Brown

  6. We check on you all every day! Love the updates on Emma. We continue to pray for all of you. Kendall and Darla

  7. So thankful all is going so well..thank you for updating..prayers are still being lifted up.

  8. Awe, Scott and Sarah, yes God is great. So happy to hear Emma is making progress. We are thinking of you constantly and praying for even more good news with each passing hour. Take care of yourselves too. We love you, Sheri, Jade, Dylan and Presley

  9. So glad to see how well things went today. Emma looks much more rested and so does her Mommy; isn't it wonderful to see her taking the milk and making you change diapers all day?! Wishing you some less stressful days before the Norwood! WE love you so much, and can tell what great parents you are becoming!
    Nana Jana

  10. Praise the Lord !!! So glad to hear all the great progress made today. I know Mom is so glad Emma will be able to have her milk . Not to go into detail, but I remember when Emerson (HLHS) had her first heart surgery when she was a week old. My daughter had a c-section, and we were finding nursing rooms, closets, what ever for her to pump, collecting milk for the day when Emerson could have it, great feeling !! allthough my daughter was so tired. God just kept giving both of us renewed strength to face each day, as I'm sure all of you are very aware of. Wow, what an awesome God we serve !!! He has big plans for all of these beautiful children !!! Keep your focus on the Lord, his timing is perfect and he is in control !!! Hope all of you have a very restful night. Connie Toole (EmersonBanksMay's Nana, her site is

  11. So thankful to God for Miss Emma's improvements! We pray for all of you daily. I hope the Norwood surgery goes well and Emma grows stronger every day! What a comfort to have your mom to be able to stay with ya'll and help.