Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Getting Some Much Needed Rest

Miss Emma on October 6th in her Princess Bow!
Miss Emma on October 5th with her little flower bow!

Gramma with Emma!

Emma's heart bear with her special bead necklace.  The necklace symbolizes all of the procedures and milestones she has had thus far!

Mommy loving on her precious girl!
Mommy and Daddy with their precious princess!


  1. SO glad you are getting some rest!

  2. PRECIOUS!!! LOVE seeing these pictures!

  3. Wow, you must be worn out sweetie, but you look GREAT!!! Being a Mom agrees with you. We are keeping the prayers going up and tell Grandma Sharon she is a beautiful Gran and what is that bright light shinning on your faces...ummm...LOVE!

  4. Sarah,
    You don't even look like you just had a c-section. You look great, love the smiles on your faces. Give Emma kisses for all of us back here in Oklahoma.

  5. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers here!! Jonah and I lay down every evening and say a special prayer for you guys! So precious to hear your child pray for another child! I love it! God can truly be seen through you and your family! All of the faith that you have is such an extrodinary example for me! May God continue to have his hand in all that is going on with Emma!