Friday, October 8, 2010

Surgery Day Set

They have decided to do the Norwood Procedure on Monday at (around) 11:00am!

Specific Prayer Requests:

1. That her lungs will look really good and strong for the surgery.
2. That her heart will be strong and able to handle all of the work done to it.
3. That her body will handle being on the bypass machine.
4. That the doctors (especially Dr. Forbess) and the nurses will have the wisdom, knowledge and care to do the surgery.
5.That her post-op recovery will be smooth and as pain-free as possible.  Also, that she will not experience any major downturns.
6. That Scott and I have peace the day of the surgery and that we are level-headed/calm.

The Norwood is a big procedure, but our GOD is BIGGER!  Please pray, pray, pray!  We love you all and appreciate all of the love, support, and prayers!

Sarah (Emma's Mommy)


  1. We will continue to pray even harder than before. I think I fall asleep praying for little miss every night. It will be tough while she is in surgery. Dylan and Pres both had surgery when they were little and it was hard to let them go. However, it was nothing like what you are going through. We will for sure pray for peace, comfort and strength and you and Scott. Love you all so much. Sheri & family.

  2. Scott and Sarah, Emma is absolutely beautiful. Love the close-up picture you just posted. We are praying!!!!!!!!! Love you, Kendall and Darla

  3. Emma and your entire family have been in our constant prayers. We so appreciate your keeping us informed. The pictures are precious.

    Kim and Alan Simpson

  4. Once again thank you for sharing Emma with us...she is a beautiful little miracle sent from above. We pray for her night and day as well as for you and Scott and your whole family. You are so right when you say our God is so much bigger than all of this...He works miracles every day and she is proof of that. There will not be a minute on Monday that you will not be in our hearts and on our minds...we will be there with you in spirit and lifting you in prayer from home! Love you all! Kim Brown

  5. Sweet little Princess! May God be with you every step of the way, and may His Hand guide the hands of Dr. Fortess, the nurses, and others who care for you! Emma, we love you so much, little granddaughter!
    Nana Jana

  6. What beautiful eyes! Will be praying and have my church praying as well..

  7. Good morning, little Em! You are looking rather darling in your little lime green bow! You are being so photogenic for your Mommy! Keep fighting baby girl! We want to see you soon! I can't tell you how much you are loved! A gift is coming your way and I can't wait to see you in it! Kiss Mommy, Daddy, and Gramma for me and tell them how very much I love them too!
    Love you little Emma!

  8. Scott and Sarah and Emma,
    You all are in our prayers and especially as Monday gets closer that God will have his arms wrapped around you all comforting you and Scott and that God will be wrapped around Emma keeping her safe and strong through the surgery. It is so scary to not be in control, but I thank God everyday that HE is in control. Emma is a strong girl and has already shown how strong she is. God continue to watch over you all. Emma's eyes are so beautiful love her newest picture!

    The Rogers family

  9. Sarah and Scott,
    Congrats on a beautiful daughter. I am praying for you all. We all pray for continued strength and healing. Our God is powerful and can do all things. Keep the FAITH...
    Tisee Lewis